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Why Study Economics?

This page is a collection of information and web links showing activities to use in economics classes and sites of other teachers of economics. For some specific suggestions about how to develop web projects for class, see our Web Teaching Ideas Page. If you have web pages for your classes or a website of teaching information that could be linked here, please let me know. Additional economics data sites are listed on the Economics Information page.

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General Information Sites

° Links to economic information
    EcEdWeb extensive annotated links to economics data sources, journals, and related information.
° Directory of Ph.D. programs in Economics
    This directory is based on the list of all Ph.D. programs in Economics (U.S. and Canada) in Peterson's Guide, and provides links to nearly all of them.
° Directory of Publishers
    Includes Academic Publishers, Computer Book Publishers, Scientific / Technical / Medical (STM) Publishers, Electronic Publishing Companies, Online Publishing Projects, and Other Commercial Publishers.
° EconBase
    Abstracts and complete papers from 36 Elsevier journals (e.g. Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Accounting & Economics, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Econometrics).
° The Idea Channel
    The Idea Channel's mission is to provide access to the ideas of the world's leading thinkers. The Idea Channel programs generally consist of two individuals who "simply" engage in an intellectual discussion. The web site has lots of wonderful clips, some of which can be downloaded, and an order page for on-line ordering. It has a whole section on MIlton Friedman, with links to videos, books, articles, etc.
•Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
° Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurship Education (CELCEE)
    An ERIC adjunct, CELCEE database contains abstracts of materials on entrepreneurship education at all levels. Also included is a directory of upcoming events and educational software tools.
° The Just-in-Time Syllabus
    The Just-in-Time Syllabus (JiTS) is a pedagogical device that enables the Economics instructor to incorporate time-sensitive data, on-line discussions as well as links to freshly-mounted websites into the delivery of most of the undergraduate courses in economics. This method of syllabus construction not only provides the students with a multifaceted arena of on-line materials but also helps to enrich and energize standard textbook presentations.
° "Woodrow" web at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
    All kinds of good ideas and curriculum materials for teaching economics!
° Economic Education pages at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
    Tours, a quiz, other ideas for teaching economics!
° NetEc Bibliography of Working Papers
° EcoSim: Description of an Economics Simulation Program (and how to get it).
° Journal of Economic Education Web
    This is the home page of the leading journal focusing on economic education. Along with information about submission and subscription, tables of content are provided to assist you to find the topic of interest.
° History of Economics Society
    Ross Emmett's major web resource for the history of economics, sponsored by the History of Economics Society.
° The Cents Financial Journal
    The Cents Financial Journal: An electronic financial journal featuring Wall Street's finest analysts, strategists, and economists. Participating companies include Moody's, Nikko, and Banc One. Updated every day, always free.
° Research in Economic Education Database
    Searchable database for researchers in economic education maintained by William Walstad at the National Center for Research in Economic Education at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
° Iowa Electronic Market
    A teaching and research tool about operation of markets open to university and college faculty and students. Two markets: financial and political. This excellent teaching tool is open only to university and college staff, faculty and students. Trades require real money, though not expensive. Email to get the Trader's Manual.
° Review of Economics Software
    The Research in Economic Education Database (REED) includes software reviews.
° Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition
    The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition is designed to help teachers improve the economic and business literacy of students. The Classroom Edition provides curriculum materials in a variety of disciplines, including economics, business, social studies, government, marketing, management, vocational education, family and life sciences, consumer education and careers. Includes information for students, teacher guides, and videos.
° Powerpoint Presentation on Internet Resources from Bob Parks (Caution: very large file).
° Economics Syllabits:
    Syllabi, and you can add yours.
° "Classroom Connect" Information on How to Cite Internet Sources
    If your students are using Internet sources of information in their work, they (and you) need to learn how to properly cite this material in their bibliographies.
° The Columbia Guide to Online Style
    MLA Style Guide from Columbia University
° Working papers on the economics of resource, agricultural, and food issues.
° TCC-J: Teaching in Community Colleges Journal
° The Idea Channel
    Videotaped conversations with the world's leading scholars, entry point to Libraray of Ideas Catalog for more discussions and series Free to Choose. Idea of the Week is 15 minute audio interview with Wall former Street Journal editor David Asman. NBA star David Robinson in ideas for kids.
° College News Online
    A site dedicated to connecting college students.

Economy-wide, Macro, and Employment

See the Data&Info page for a complete listing of macroeconomic data sites.

° Economics statistics briefing room
    Great source for quick up-to-date information. Grab the latest numbers before class!
° Fair Econometric Model
    Use the Fair Model FREE on line. Examine historical episodes, change government policy variables and examine the estimated effects of the changes. A resource for business forecasters, government policy analysts, macroeconomic researchers, teachers, and students. Currently featured: Forecast of the 2000 presidential election (see Presidential Vote Equation); forecast of US economy (see US model-Forecast Memo).
° The Calculator
    Based on your input of the state of the economy, the "Calculator" will then determine the predicted amount of votes. It also allows "counter-factual" analyses of past elections.
° Economic Time Series Page
° Economic Growth Resources
    A guide to economic growth resources--data, literature, working papers, etc.--on the Internet. From Jonathan Temple, Institute of Economics and Statistics, Oxford University.


See the Data&Info page for additional international data sites.

° Exchange Rate Information
    At this Web site the exchange rates of currencies are presented in terms of the currency you choose. Also does three month predictions and nice graphs!.
° Exchange Rate Information (GNN)
    At this Web site the exchange rates of all national currencies are presented in terms of the U.S. dollar. You can also change the basis from the U.S. dollar to another currency of your choice.
° World Bank Group
    News and Information, Publications (full-text searchable), topics in development, country-specific information
° International Data
    Penn World Tables by Heston and Summers (maintained by EPAS at University of Toronto)

Government Budgets and Debt

° Office of Management and Budget

° Government Budget Documents

° On-line National Federal Budget Simulator
    An on-line National Federal Budget Simulator lets anyone on the World Wide Web attempt to balance the budget. Your choices and the actual budget can be shown graphically also.
° Concord Coalition on National Debt
    The Concord Coalition is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to eliminating federal budget deficits and ensuring Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are secure for all generations. Has lots of information and data on the budget and debt.
Federal Budget Java Site by Kowal Design
    Contains a simple, neat, point-and-click presentation of the entire Federal budget. To explore the budget, click the button. When downloading is complete (buttons take a few minutes), explore choices to balance the Federal budget. Find solutions to reduce the National Debt. Learn how Federal budget dollars are spent on Education, Health Care, Defense, and the Environment.
° Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) in the UK:
    IFS Virtual Economy
    At the heart of the UK Virtual Economy are sophisticated computer models which are very similar to those the Chancellor and his advisors use to prepare the Budget and to keep the economy on track.
° Concord Coalition web site
    An on-line meter is running, indicating the ballooning national debt. Students can take the quiz on how federal money is spent and visit related government links such as the Social Security administration and Paul Tsongas' grassroots organization, the Concord Coalition.

Money and Finance

° "Woodrow" web at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
    All kinds of good ideas and curriculum materials for teaching economics!
° Central Banking Resource Center
    The Internet's most complete directory of central bank sites from all over the world. For bankers, economists, academics, policymakers, regulators, financial journalists, consultants and others. In addition to central bank home pages, includes links to information about central banks.
° Educational Resources in Finance
    This page references online finance courses, multimedia & software, downloadable slides, textbooks, bookstores, articles, simulators & games and information on publishers. From Ohio State University
° Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
    The CME is the first futures and options exchange on the World Wide Web. Here you can find daily settlement prices of all CME futures and options, marketing page with product information, educational programs, and more.
° Center for Banking Studies
    This is also the site for The Stanford Bank Game that will be of interest to those teaching Money & Banking.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Company Information

° Stock Trak(TM) Stock Market Simulation
    STOCK-TRAK is a comprehensive financial markets simulation featuring: Stocks, Options, Futures, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and International Stocks. College students use this in class under the auspices of their teacher for guided learning.
° Security APL Information on Stocks and Stock Quotes (15 minute delay)
    Quoteserver provides free quotes (just type in the ticker symbol of the stock you are interested in). Also found here are investment tools and the current NASDAQ Composite Index data.
. Invest Smart
    This page demonstrates the rewards of saving and investing in stocks. It has a section for educators with instructions on how to select stocks and how to set up a simulation stock market game for students using actual stock values. It has a real-life example to show you how to build a stock portfolio full of 2-, 4-, and 8-baggers.
° Graphs of stocks
    This site has nice graphs of price and volume of stock market outcomes.

Personal Finance

° National Institute for Consumer Education
    The National Institute for Consumer Education, from the College of Education at Eastern Michigan University, is a professional development center and resource clearinghouse in consumer, economic and personal finance education. The mission of NICE is to empower people through education to become informed consumers, reasoned decision makers and participating citizens in a global marketplace. This site has some very nice lessons on consumer issues, such as college financial aid, student budgets, saving for college education, etc.
° Stock Maven
    Stock research center, real time quotes and news, live financial markets data, research tools to evaluate and track stocks of publicly held companies. Free real time streaming ECN quotes software.
° Resources For Personal Finance: An Integrated Planning Approach
    Lots of good personal finance information and exercises from textbook by Bernard J. Winger and Ralph R. Frasca , University of Dayton.
° More links to personal finance sites, one for grades K-5 and one for grades 6-12.
    Look for "FINANCE" at the beginning of the description.

Population and Places

° Economics and Statistics Administration
    Entry point to Bureau of the Census (household and business demographic data).
    Also to STAT-USA (information on economic, business, and social/environmental program data from over 50 Federal sources), and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) (domestic, international, and regional economic accounts).
° City.Net: International Guide to Communities around the World
    City.Net is a comprehensive international guide to communities around the world. City.Net provides timely access to information on travel, entertainment, and local business, plus government and community services for all regions of the world. A great source for information about other countries and cities.
° The CIA World Factbook
    Follow the links to the CIA Factbook. The CIA Factbook is a wonderful source of information about the world's countries: their geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications, and defense (by country). You can also get a GIF file of each country's flag.
° Demographic Profiles of US States, Cities, Towns
    Demographic Profiles of Cities and States are available for states, metro areas, counties, and cities.

Government and Political

° Whitehouse Online
    The White House Web site provides text of releases on economic policy, environmental policy, foreign affairs, jobs, healthcare, science and technology, and other current news items. The speeches of the president, proposed budget for 1996 are also on this site.
° THOMAS: Library of Congress Legislative Information on the Internet
    The Library of Congress Web site provides the full text of legislation for House and Senate bills searchable by keywords or bill number, the full text of the Congressional Record, daily accounts of proceedings on House and Senate floors, and the text of How Our Laws Are Made by Edward F. Willett, Jr., House Law Revision Counsel. More generally, the Library of Congress Web pages also provide historical collections and descriptions of some of the Library’s special collections, and several exhibits. Also very useful is LOCIS, the Library of Congress Information System, which is searchable by keywords.
° American Enterprise Center
    American Enterprise Center has just produced a teacher's kit entitled Free Enterprise Games. A video-based teacher's kit that teaches the American free enterprise system using games and team competition. ($195 for kit)

General Social Sciences/General Educational Interest.

° National Council for the Social Studies-NCSS Online
    NCSS Online features information and news for social studies educators in the United States and internationally.
° World Lecture Hall, by subject, from UT-Austin
    The World Lecture Hall (WLH) contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For example, you will find MANY course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class calendars, multimedia textbooks, etc.
° ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education
    The ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education (ERIC/ChESS) is one of the 16 subject specialty clearinghouses in the ERIC system. ERIC/ChESS monitors issues about the teaching and learning of history, geography, civics, economics, and other subjects in the social studies/social sciences.
° Einet Galaxy Social Sciences Educational Web(not responding lately)
    Einet is a huge source for information on education, with topics such as curriculum and instruction, adult education, higher education, K12, history and philosophy, and much more.
° The AskERIC Virtual Library
    The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a national information system, supported by the U.S. Department of Education, with large quantities of information on a host of educational issues and topics.
° Advance Educational Spectrums
    Focuses on Workforce Development, SCANS Skills, School-to-Work, Skill Development software and training tools, Business-Education Partnerships, Training. Also links to some great Internet resources on training, skills,education, government, grant resources, etc.
° British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTa)
    BECTa is a charity funded by the Department of Education in the United Kingdom. Its mission is help teachers, lecturers. trainers and learners take advantage of technology. If you want to know more about using technology in education, these pages could provide useful information about what has been done and what works.
° UK Technology Education Centre
    Interesting information, articles, and support for technology education. Focus is United Kingdom schools.

Teachers' Economics Pages: Courses, Projects, Useful Information

° An Online Lesson on Demand and Supply
    Take a look at EcEdWeb pages for teaching demand and supply, with explanations followed by a self quiz. Would appreciate comments if you feel so inclined. If you use a Javascript-compatible browser, please do look at the self-quiz for students.

° DeVon Yoho's neat "Test Your Economic IQ" page (Ball State University)

° Economics Web Institute
    The Economics Web Institute is devoted to offer theoretical debate, economic data, and interactive software models to understand contemporary economics.

On-line Textbooks

° oo_Micro: Joe Daniel's Multimedia Micro site
    Multimedia site with great graph animations and other multimedia features.

° John Gross' complete Intro-micro course.
    Not a free site: $10 for full membership.

° Robert Schenk's _CyberEconomics_
    Electronic courses in micro and macro: a "semi-interactive almost multimedia way to learn economics."
° David Friedman's _Price Theory: An Intermediate Text_

° Roger McCain's _Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text_

Courses and other Teacher's Web Sites

° Paper: Impact of the Web on Economics Pedagogy
    An Adobe Acrobat .pdf file about using the web in economics courses, Sosin presented at the ASSA meetings in 1997.
° Problems in Microeconomics
    Problems in microeconomics, many using Excel. By Byron M. Brown, Professor of Economics at Michigan State University.
° Hayek and his work
    Selected links related to Hayek & his work. By Greg Ransom, Dept. of Soc. Science, MiraCosta College.
° Antitrust Case Summary
    Antitrust cases summaries and links to other atitrust sites. By Anthony D. Becker, Middlebury College.
° John Kane's Economic Resources and Economic Education Pages and and Econometrics Pages.
    Nicely organized and large set of links to economics resources.

The World Game of Economics
    Ronald W. Schuelke's educational economics software for students and educators which simulates the economic performance and policies of countries in the global economy. The object of the game is to be the best at selecting economic policies to maintain full employment, low inflation, and economic growth without excessive pollution (modestly priced).
° John Whitehead (see course list + links)

° Barry Keating's Managerial Economics and his Business and Economic Forecasting
    Barry Keating's course web sites on Managerial Economics and Business and Economic Forecasting at Notre Dame.

° Jane Leuthold's Economics Courses

° Nancy Folbre's Sites: Economics 103 || Economics 105 || Downsizing and Globalization

° Julie Nelson’s Gender and Economics

° Allan Schmid’s Institutional and Behavioral Economics

° Robert Dixon's Online Lesson on Walras Law
° Mark McBride's Economics Page
    See his Computer Algebra Software Page and other nice info on his site.
° Glenn Platt's page at Miami University
    A principles course site that does it all!
° Richard Hannah's Economics Site
° Ira Saltz' "Economic Issues: Pros and Cons" for Principles
° Bob Parks at Washington University
° Syracuse University Economics site
    Look for the Teaching Modules from this site.
° The Quantitative Macroeconomics & Real Business Cycle Home Page
    [QM&RBC] is from Christian Zimmermann.

° CTI Economics

° Jack Chizmar's homepage for statistics from Illinois State U.
° EconLink: Scott Simkins page for Principles of Economics
° Mark Walbert's courses
Holt's Experimental Economics Page
    Charles Holt's website on using experimental techniques for teaching economics.
Kluwer's Experimental Economics Page
    Kluwer's web page for the Experimental Economics (also available in Kluwer's online journals).
° Michel Deslierres, Ronald C. LeBlanc's Java Economics in French
° Economic Ideas and Issues Homepage
° R. Stratton's Principles of Macroeconomics, University of Akron
° Barry Haworth's Principles of Macroeconomics and Macroeconomics, Public Finance, and IO, University of Luoisville
° A Field Trip for Social Sciences
    Every Tramline Tour takes you to a series of preselected Web pages that are related by topic. A separate window is used to describe what you're seeing or tell you what to do next. Several for business students, but many other tours also.

° Archives of list tch-econ from Bob Parks

Publisher, Textbooks, Electronic Journals

° Economics Textbook Information Site from Al DeCook
    Quite thorough list of economics textbook information on the web.
° Directory of Publishers
    Includes Academic Publishers, Computer Book Publishers, Scientific / Technical / Medical (STM) Publishers, Electronic Publishing Companies, Online Publishing Projects, and Other Commercial Publishers.
° American Economics Association
° AEA Committee on Economic Education
° Journal of Economic Education Web
    This is the home page of the leading journal focusing on economic education. Along with information about submission and subscription, tables of content are provided to assist you to find the topic of interest.
° Southwestern College Publishing
    Many on-line links and resources for teaching economics.
° Houghton Mifflin web site
    Web site for economics materials and books from Houghton Mifflin.
° The Econometrics Journal
    A companion to The Economic Journal, a new on-line journal published by The Royal Economic Society and Blackwell Publishers. On-line access is free to RES members and available to individuals within institutions which subscribe to The Economic Journal.
° International Economic Information Center
° Inomics
    Inomics is a new Internet service especially tailored to the needs of economists. At this site you can find job openings for economists, conference announcements as well as a search engine for economic information.
° Opus1 Journal
    Opus 1 is a free electronic journal which publishes original economic research based on first-hand data collected by undergraduate authors. The target readers are undergraduates and general readers who have taken only a minimum of economics principles.
° Manfred Gartner's web site for A Primer in European Macroeconomics
Accompanies his recent intermediate macroeconomics text. Also has downloadable date sets that may be used for statistical case studies and a macroeconomics tutorial with lots of graphs and gifs.
° University Avenue Undergraduate Journal of Economics
    A refereed electronic journal of economics run by undergraduate students. The UAUJE offers students many benefits by providing students with (1) a forum for exchanging ideas with their peers, (2) the opportunity to become familiar with the submissions and publication process, and (3) the chance to have an article published.
° Computers in Higher Education Economics Review
    Electronic publications on computers in higher education.
° Michael Parkin's Textbook Site.
° Dryden Economic Texts.
    Textbook support for Gregory Mankiw, Gwartney and Stroup, Baumol and Blinder, Alan Stockman
° Jim Kahn's Environment and Natural Resources
° Steve Gardner's Comparative Economic Systems
° Libertarianism: A Primer by David Boaz

Why Study Economics?

° 1998-99 Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Economists and Marketing Research Analysts
° What Jobs do Economics Majors Get?
° Career outlook for economists
    From Murray State University
° Why Study Economics
    From Simon Fraser University
° Why I Study Economics
    A Student's Perspective.
° Why Study Economics
    From School of Economics The University of New South Wales
° Why Bother about this thing called Economics
    From The Economic Forum
° Why do economists make more money?
    From CBA-Univ of Central Florida
° Get a Job
    An Employment Service for online job searches
    A leading online job listing service with job search tips

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