WebQuest In Online Sales

by Cynthia Jimes, Business and Computing Teacher, Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium, Sweden.

The Task

You are interested in selling your product over the internet. Before you endeavor into this type of sales, you must gather information, or do preliminary research, to find out how other companies sell over the internet. Follow the steps below to do your research and complete the assignment.

STEP 1: Read the questions below

STEP 2: Start browsing the sites listed under Resource sites. You can click on "Place an order" just to look at the order process. "Back" out of it without filling in the form. (Perhaps the teacher can order a product for the class as a demonstration.)

STEP 3: Answer the questions in the assignment with your word processor.

STEP 4: Once you have answered the questions, send them to me as an attachment in email. (If you don't know how to send email attachments, read the instructions below.). This assignment is individual, so no groupwork is permitted.

Research Questions

Most of the questions below can be answered by browsing through the resource sites. Some of the questions, though, require only your own thoughts to answer, and others may require that you search websites not listed in this assignment.

  1. Do the companies that you have researched "hook" the reader in any way? In other words, do they use some sort of gimmick or method to catch your attention and keep you browsing in their site? Give examples.
  2. Is there a preferred design style among the companies you have researched? Are there any design styles that you found particularly good or bad? Give examples.
  3. How do the companies set up the ordering process? In other words, how do the customers order the products?
  4. How do the companies ask you to pay for the product?
  5. How do the companies handle security of payment and other information that you type in? In other words, how do they make sure that the customer feels secure about providing personal information, etc., when he/she is ordering products?
  6. How do the companies deal with unsatisfied customers, or customers that want to return their products?
  7. Can you imagine any problems of selling through the internet? Explain.
  8. Are there any products that you think would NOT be suitable to sell over the internet?
  9. How many people in the world have access to the internet?
  10. What demographics (age, sex, income, occupation) can you find out about internet users?

Resource Sites

Adobe Press has an impressive homepage and online sales setup. You will find Adobe Press at:


Bookaisle's online bookstore will also help you in your research endeavor. You will find their homepage at:


Wyco is a smaller company that sells technical products on the internet. You will find them at: