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Nebraska Economics

Resources for Teaching Economics & Personal Finance in Nebraska

Grades K-5
-K-5 Standards / Concepts / Lessons
-Suggested Evidence of Student Learning K-5
-Teaching Ne History and Economics grades 4-5
-Federal Reserve Materials for K-5 Standards
Grades 6-8
-6-8 Standards / Concepts / Lessons
-Essays: Concepts all students should know.
-Suggested units for 6-8 social studies standards.
-Federal Reserve Materials for 6-8 Standards
Grades 9-12
-9-12 Standards / Concepts / Lessons
-Essays: Concepts all students should know.
-Business Semester Courses: Business Economics, Macro, Micro, Wealth Building, Personal Finance.
-Federal Reserve Materials for 9-12 Standards
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In December of 2012, Nebraska adopted state social studies standards requiring districts to incorporate economics instructions K-12. The standards are organized in five "big idea" areas under the following overarching goal:

Students will utilize economic reasoning to make informed judgments and become effective participants in a global economy.

  • Markets: Understand how the interaction of buyers and sellers determines market prices allowing the allocation of scarce resources.
  • Economic Institutions: Understand that economic institutions evolve and are created to help individuals and group accomplish their economic goals.
  • Financial Literacy: Understand how individuals can manage human and financial resources to accomplish economic goals.
  • Government: understand the role of government in the various economic systems.
  • Globalization: Understand diverse economics systems interconnected throughout the world

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