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Nebraska Economics

Resources for Teaching Economics & Personal Finance in Nebraska

Grades K-5
-K-5 Standards / Concepts / Lessons
-Suggested Evidence of Student Learning k-5
-Teaching Ne History and Economics grades 4-5
-Federal Reserve Materials for K-5 Standards
Grades 6-8
-6-8 Standards / Concepts / Lessons
-Suggested Evidence of Student Learning 6-8
-Suggested units covering the 6-8 standards for social studies
-Federal Reserve Materials for 6-8 Standards
Grades 9-12
-9-12 Standards / Concepts / Lessons
-Essays: Economics Concepts for all HS Graduates
-Business Semester Courses: Business Economics, Macro, Micro, Wealth Building, Personal Finance.
-Federal Reserve Materials for 9-12 Standards

Business Semester Courses Standards

Business Economics



Wealth Building

Personal Finance

Use the lessons above and links on the left to find information and classroom lessons to help you teach these new economics related NE social studies standards.

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