Welcome to the Jillville Mini-Society.

This first year of the Mini-Society in our classroom was a learning experience for everyone. We all learned together as we went, problem solving and making adjustments on a daily basis. Our culminating auction was a great success thanks to donations from SuperTarget, Borders, and Barnes and Noble.

Students tell what they learned from the Jillville Mini-Society....


"about partnerships and contracts." -- Jillian

"how to make a t.v. commercial." -- Jake

"how to keep track of how much you make." -- Heather

"the things an entrepreneur does." -- Danny

"how to improve your product." -- Ruth


Types of Jillville Businesses

Jillville Nintendo Arcade, Jake's Coloring Pages, Lisa's Memos, Arthur's Wallet Shop, Heather's Bookmarks, Vien and Mike's Mall, Ryan's Homemade Playdoh

A memo from Lisa's Memos

Arthur the moneycutter cuts, and cuts, and cuts...............

Angela,the Jillville Treasurer

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