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In 1980, a drunken driver killed Cari Lightner, a 13- year-old from Fair Oaks, California. Her mother, Candy Lightner, then started a grassroots organization to fight drunkendriving.That organization, formed in December of 1980, is called Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD.

MADD grew rapidly. It consists now of hundreds of local chapters across the United States. Most of the members want to find ways to decrease the many injuries and deaths that drunken drivers cause each year.

MADD members use a number of methods to achieve a reduction in drunken driving.They provide education about the serious dangers and high costs of driving when intoxicated. They use newspaper articles, television stories, radio, school poster competitions, and other tools to provide the education.

In addition to providing incentives to people that encourage them never to drink and drive, MADD works totoughen laws and law enforcement related to drunken driving. MADD members recommend stiff penalties and prison sentences for drunken driving. Such penalties provide strong disincentives for people not to drink and drive.

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From United States History: Focus on Economics, Council for Economic Education, New York, N.Y.

Prohibition then, MADD today: Economics Lesson