ACTIVITY 1: Give and Take
From UNIT 1: LESSON 2, Middle School Economics, © Council for Economic Education, New York, NY


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Analyze the following situations and list the options available to the individuals involved.  When necessary, make up an exact number of hours or dollar amounts to fit the situation.  (For example, cost of food or other items, amount of space, hours of time.)  Based on your numbers, calculate the percentages for each option.
  1. Maria received $15 from her aunt for her birthday and decided to go to the mall to look over her choices.  After visiting several stores, she has decided she could purchase a CD of her favorite band, candy from the jellybean store, new pens and markers, or some food from the food court.  Use newspaper ads as well as your own experience to assign prices to these items to determine Maria's options.
  1. Doug planned to go skate boarding this afternoon with his friend Rick at 1:00.  He has to be home to help his mother prepare dinner at 5:00.  An hour ago, he was asked to mow the neighbor's lawn.  The neighbor will pay extra if Doug will do the job this afternoon.  What are Doug's options?
  1. Sheena is trying out for the basketball team at school.  She has to be able to make free throws and three-point shots.  She has three hours to practice this afternoon.  How much time should she spend practicing each skill?  What are her options?
  1. Randy and Larry are in charge of the refreshments for the party after the class play.  Their budget for snack food is $20.  They are considering popcorn, pretzels, chips, nuts, and nachos.  Use newspaper ads and your own experience to assign prices to these items. What are their options?
  1. Luis has an English final tomorrow and has only two hours to study this evening.  He knows that spelling words will be on the final but he also knows there will be questions covering the rules of grammar and punctuation.  How can he plan his study time?
  1. Sally is attending a scout camp in the mountains for a week.  The campers will be hiking, camping, and horseback riding.  They also have certain jobs they must do each day and special projects they must complete.  They have only two hours during each of the four days to schedule hiking camping and horseback riding.  Each activity must be scheduled in 30 minute blocks.  Sally wants to spend some time doing each of these activities.  What are her options?