Activity 2




  1. Federal Government Approves Crime Bill; Cities to Hire Additional Police
  2. Minnesota to Sue Tobacco Firms to Recover Health Care Costs
  3. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall of Skirts Made in India
  4. US Investigation Seeks to Find if Aluminum Producers Conspired to Cut Output, Broke Anti-Trust Laws
  5. Insurer Files Suit Charging Bank Made False Claims
  6. Higher Interest Rates Likely Despite Inflation Data
  7. U.S. Government to Increase Aid to Education Next Year
  8. Northeast's Petition for Tighter Curbs on Auto Emissions Approved by Environmental Protection Agency
  9. Group of Economists Urges Federal Reserve System Not to Act Against Inflation Now
  10. Hughes Aircraft to Lay Off 4,400 and Close Big Defense Plant
  11. Social Security Payments to Increase by 4% Next Year: Cost of Living Allowance Up
  12. Congress Approves Higher Income Tax Rate for Top Wage Earners


*These headlines are fictional.

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Civics and Government: Focus on Economics, Unit II, Lesson 4

The Functions of Government in the Economy: Economics Lesson