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Nebraska Standards in Social Studies and
Business Education Essential Learnings
Focus on Economics

Online lessons are also available as linked below to (E) and (F), and are also linked directly to (C).

Lessons keyed to the standards below are also available from your local Center for Economic Education, or on the Virtual Economics CD-ROM available from the Council for Economic Education (

(A) Nebraska Core Standards in Economics (culled from Nebraska Social Studies Standards)

(B) NE-All Social Studies Standards

(C) Direct link to lessons (keyed to NE standards)

(D) National Standards from EconomicsAmerica

(E) NE Business Education Essential Learnings

The following numbering system for the standards is out-of-date. They are left here because of the convenient connection to additional lessons:

(F) Economics in the Nebraska Social Studies Standards. Includes classroom lessons keyed to social studies areas. These are currently being updated for the new Nebraska standards.