WebQuest in Careers

by Cynthia Jimes, Business and Computing Teacher, Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium, Sweden

Why do you think it's important for a firm to recruit the best employees?

When recruiting employees, a small firm competes with both large and small businesses. It cannot afford to let competitors take the cream of the crop. Aggressive recruitment is necessary because training new empoyees is expensive, and getting the right employee improves the firms overall performance. One way to recruit new employees is thru the internet. More and more job seekers turn to the internet to find new job possibilities. Today I want you to do a WebQuest of online recruiting. You will look at how companies recruit new employees through the internet, and also you will search for information and jobs that you are interested in.

The Task

Your task is to find out how companies recruit new employees over the internet.

Also, you will research a specific career that you are considering by using the internet. Are there job advertisments for this specific career? Who employs persons in this career? Is there salary information available?

In order to complete the task, you may do keyword searches in the search engines (AltaVista, etc.), or you may search through the internet addresses that I have listed below.

Research Questions

1. Name and describe at least three ways that companies recruit new employees on the internet. Include the name of one organization or company for each of your examples.

Answer the following to be turned in:

Good sources to start with are the following internet sites: http://www.dbm.com/jobguide/ and http://www.jobtrak.com/

2. Research a specific career that you are interested in. Start with the following questions to yourself: What do you want to do? Who do you want to work for? Where do you want to live and work?

Answer the following to be turned in:

A good source to start with is the following internet site:


Additional Resources:

You will find JOBTRAK-a leading job listing service at


You will find an international job search site at:


You will find the UCLA career center at: