Using Controversial Economic Issues

A web project used frequently to teach both economics and evaluation of economic information is to have students build a case for or against a controversial economic issue. Examples of issues are minimum wages, social security privitization, health care reform, free trade, deregulation, environmental protection, farm subsidies, budget surplus/tax issues, capital gains tax, and adjusting the CPI.

A website that specifically develops pros and cons is
Ira Saltz' Economic Issues: Pros and Cons for Principles classes.

Many websites can be found that espouse particular points of view. Students should be able to recognize the points of view of such web sites as the following:

Cato Institute
Adam Smith Foundation
Centre for Independent Studies (Australia/New Zealand)
Foundation for Economic Education
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Institute of Economic Affairs
Capitalism Magazine
Levy Institute
The American Prospect
Intellectual Capital
Informal Communism Discussion
Leftist & 'Progressive' Internet Resources Directory
Leadership in Fragile Times: A Vision for a Shared Future, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2002
Webcast from WTO Ministerial Conference in Doha November, 2001
United Nations Summit Level Discussion
In 2002, the United Nations will convene for the first time a summit-level meeting to address key financial and related issues pertaining to global development. The material in these discussions should be useful for your classes on Economic Development, Global Economy and related courses. The website contains an extensive report on Financing for Development. One does have to enhance this material with appropriate data and scholarly articles.
University of Toronto's G 8 Information Center
Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

For additional ideas on how to use the web for teaching, take a look at the EcEdWeb Teaching Suggestion Page and the list of other teaching sites on the EcEdWeb College Teaching Page. In the latter, click on "Online Texts, Teacher Resources."

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