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The resources below are taken from EcEdWeb, namely the links marked "EconInfo" and "College Teaching." More links to economic information can be found in these webpages. The College Teaching page also has many links to economics teachers' class web sites around the world.

Resources for Economists on the Internet by Goffe
    Bill Goffe's current hypertext guide has links to all known economic information on the Internet. To use this guide, click on the site or type of information you want. The first click takes you to a section of the Goffe document that describes this site. Within or following his description, there is a link to the site itself. Thus you can go to any economics location from the Goffe pages. Goffe also describes the economics listserv discussion groups on the Internet (PolEcon, Femecon, Tch-econ, Econ-ed, etc.), along with the addresses to join. (Listservs are e-mail discussion groups that require signing on with an e-mail address to participate.)
St. Louis Federal Reserve Data Base
    This database has lots of data in accessible form: indexes for GDP data, price data, employment data, financial and monetary data, exchange rate and regional data.
    Economagic has over 100,000 series, the ability to modify series, run regressions on-line, chart the given or modified series, and has over 8,500 series in excel format. The intent of is to be a one-stop shop for conomic time series data. This site is no longer free for those wishing to download full data series. Instructor subscriptions are available free, however. (by Ted Bos)
The Dismal Scientist
    The Dismal Scientist covers over 65 economic releases from over 15 countries. It also has economic articles and analysis of breaking economic news. It has many tools, such as a dictionary and a calculotor for inflation and time value of money.
Federal Reserve Information and Data from Woodrow
    Woodrow, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis website, offers information about the Federal Reserve and the economy, including the entire Beige Book; selected national and regional data, including data on Ninth District banks; text of publications; economic education materials; connection to its Research Department and information about bank supervision and regulation. Check out "Tracking the Economy" page and the charts from that page!
    EconData.Net focuses on regional economic activity on the Web. They have more than 350 links to socioeconomic data sources, arranged by subject and provider, pointers to the Web's premiere data collections, and their own list of the ten best sites for finding regional economic data.
Economics statistics briefing room
    Great fast source for up-to-date information. Grab the latest numbers before class!
Department of Commerce
    Entry point to STAT-USA by subscription (information on economic, business, and social/environmental program data from over 50 Federal source,) and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) (domestic, international, and regional economic accounts).
U. S. Bureau of the Census Home Page
    This server provides a huge amount of information on population, households, economic indicators, sectors in the economy, Statistical Abstracts, and much more.
Council of Economic Advisors.
    Includes the Economic Report of the President, which you can download or search, as well as access the statistical tables from Appendix B as spreadsheet files. Also Changing America -- Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being by Race and Hispanic Origin.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics public database, LABSTAT, provides current and historical data for 26 surveys of labor market, prices, and related conditions, and press releases. Also the source for CPI press release.
Bureau of Economic Analysis
    This page provides links to summary BEA data and to articles based on the data: National programs--including the national income and product accounts (GDP, personal income, etc.) and gross product by industry, international programs--including balance of payments accounts, U.S. direct investment abroad, and foreign direct investment in the United States, and regional programs--including State personal income.
Women in the Economy or Labor Economics
    Looking at the Monthly Labor Review and the précis graph on women's labor force participation takes away the mystique of going to the library and laboring through the print edition of the MLR rate.
Central Banks on the World Wide Web
    Provided by the Bank of International Settlements
United Nations Statistics Division

Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank statistics on external debt
    For the latest data on International Debt (especially in view of the crisis in Argentina)

European Union in the US

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The Euro Homepage
    Created by Professor Giancarlo Corsetti, Yale University
National Bureau of Economic Research

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