Articles, Policy Briefs, Working Papers, and Other Sites of Interest for the JiTS

AAHE Bulletin, "The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Questions and Answers from the Field"
by Barbara Cambridge, 1999

AAHE Bulletin, "Implementing the seven principles: Technology as a Lever"
by A.W. Chickering and S.C. Ehrmann, 2000

Higher Learning, "Asking the Right Question: What Does Research Tell Us about Technology and Higher Learning?"
by S.C. Erdman, 1995

Teaching at an Internet Distance: the Pedagogy of Online Teaching and Learning: A Report
University of Illinois Faculty Seminar Report, 1999.

Corporate Universities: an Interview with Jeanne Meister; Vision
by J.L. Morrison, 2000.

Links to Journal of Economic Education issue on online pedagogy
Includes link to Scott Simkin's "Promoting Active-Student Learning Using the World Wide Web in Economics Courses" JEE, summer, 1999.

Online Teaching Resources, a New Journal Section
(Abstract with link to paper) by Kim Sosin and Bill Becker, Journal of Economic Education-Online, Winter, 2000.

Economics of NETWORKS
Site for Econophysics by Nicholas Economides, includes debates, papers, conferences

Economics Centre of the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN)
This is a UK-based higher education site, Learning and Teaching Support Network (founded in 2000--one of 24 subject-based sites) created for effective learning and teaching of economics. Contains much of the materials from the CTI website. (Shyamala)

CEO Express
A veritable cornucopia of information. A gateway to business newspapers around the world. Have students pick out articles on matters of current interest such as the IMF, World Bank or Euro and ask them to compare it with articles written in the Wall Street Journal. (Shyamala)

The Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) Summer Institute
Emerges from discussions about the next challenges to be faced in the reform of undergraduate SME&T after a decade of concerted activity by participants in PKAL and many other similar efforts: Just-in-Time Teaching, Blending Active Learning with Web Technology. Abstracts on JiTT.

Economics America Econedlink
These online lessons are for high school teachers and students of economics, but many of them would also be perfect in college principles classes. Includes "Economics Minute" short lessons on a current topic, "Net NewsLine" longer lessons using real examples, "DataLinks" for up-to-date data, and much more.

United Nations Statistics Division

European Union in the US

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The Euro Homepage
    Created by Professor Giancarlo Corsetti, Yale University
The Brookings Institution

Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy

ELDIS - a gateway to online information on development and the environment, focusing on countries of the South

Transition Economies Research Links

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