Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries & Perspectives

ISSN 1945-371x [print], ISBN 1945-3728 [online]

The Journal sponsored by NEBA strives to publish high-quality scholarly articles across the various disciplines of economics and business.

The EBJ:IP grew from the NEBA Papers and Proceedings of the NEBA annual meetings. The initial issue of the Proceedings was published in 1989.

Editor: David K. Palmer

Editorial Board
David K. Palmer, University of Nebraska at Kearney, Editor
Michael J. O’Hara, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Book Review Editor
Maurice Baker, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (retired)
Dave Carpenter, Hastings College
Christopher Decker, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Joyce Gleason, Nebraska Wesleyan University (retired)
Larry W. Hughes, Central Washington University
Allan Jenkins, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Doug Kinnear, Hastings College
Ron Konecny, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Rick Koza, Chadron State College
Jack Kramer, Hastings College
Kenneth Lemke, NPPD (Nebraska Public Power District)
Craig MacPhee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Les Manns, Doane College
David McLaren, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nanne Olds, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Chuck Parker, Wayne State College
Roger Sindt, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Bill Snyder, Peru State College
Kim Sosin, University of Nebraska at Omaha (retired)
Keith Turner, University of Nebraska at Omaha (retired)
Kathryn M. Zuckweiler, University of Nebraska at Kearney

The editorial board has elected to place all papers online beginning with Volume 1, Number 1, October, 2008.

<<All papers are publicly available for reading or downloading>>

Additionally, EBJ: IP publishes selected papers from student presentations made at the Great Plains Economic and Business Annual Conference sponsored by the Nebraska Economics and Business Association.

Future volumes of EBJ: IP will include a section titled Ceteris Paribus which will be devoted to thoughtful and thought provoking essays, reflections, and original research focused around a single theme. The current theme is described on the call for papers page for this section. Future volumes of EBJ:IP will also include reviews of books that would be of interest to researchers, practitioners, and students in the various areas of economics and business.

Manuscripts should be submitted as an email attachment in Word to:

David K. Palmer, Editor
Professor of Management
College of Business and Technology
University of Nebraska at Kearney
(308) 865-8574

Now Publishing Book Reviews

EBJ: IP is looking to publish insightful and thought provoking reviews of books of interest to scholars, educators, practitioners, and students within the broad domains of economics and business. EBJ: IP is looking for book reviews that truly make an independent contribution to scholarship. The submitted book review manuscripts will be sent out for blind review by the Book Review Editor and will be held to the same rigorous standards of scholarship expected of any submission to the journal.

It is EBJ: IP's hope that future book reviews will contribute to advancement of the fields of economics and business through their lively and intellectually stimulating nature.

Book review manuscripts should be submitted as an email attachment in Word to:
Michael J. O'Hara, Book Review Editor
Finance, Banking, and Law Department
College of Business Administration
University of Nebraska at Omaha

It is assumed that all work submitted to future volumes of EBJ: IP represent original scholarship. Articles appearing in this volume of Economics and Business Journal: Inquiries and Perspectives are Copyright © 2008-09 by the respective authors. All other material is Copyright © 2010 by Nebraska Economics and Business Association (NEBA).