Gary Kile's Internet Project Suggestion

I used a project for my class on the internet as follows. You have been hired to find a suitable city or town in NE, KS, or CO (adjust to your location) to move my Company. I have a small company and will be employing 10 people. We will bring 2 of these 10 employees with us. We assemble an item that is in demand all over the world. The raw material parts for our product will have to be shipped in wherever we locate and we will have to ship the finished product all over the world. The local market for our product is insignificant to our location.

You can research on the net for statistics, facts, climates, access and transportation, etc.. You can include color charts or whatever to help make your presentation to the company owner and spouse in two weeks. The city chosen will receive the "A" for this project.

With his permission:
Gary Kile
Business Ed.
Superior High School