Statistical Tables in Text Format

from Economic Report of the President

You should be able to save these in text format and use as is, or bring into your spreadsheet or statistical program. Check the column headings before using the data. If the formating and placement of the column heading is ambiguous, look at the same table in the Adobe document on the Virtual Economics page.

"Gross Domestic Product, 1959-1992 SAAR"
"Table B-2: Gross national product in 1987 dollars, 1959-92"
"Table B-3: Implicit price deflators for gross national product, 1959-92"
"Table B-15: Gross and net private domestic investment in 1987 dollars"
"Table B-16: Inventories and final sales of domestic business"
"Table B-17: Inventories and final sales of domestic business"
"Table B-18: Foreign transactions in the national"
"Table B-23: Sources personal income, 1959-92"
"Table B-31: Civilian employment and unemployment"
"Table B-32: Civilian employment by demographic characteristic, 1954-92"
"Table B-36: Civilian employment/population ratio"
"Table B-37: Civilian unemployment rate 1948-92"
"Table B-38: Civilian unemployment rate"
"Table B-39: Unemployment by duration and reason, 1948-92"
"Table B-40: Unemployment insurance programs, selected data, 1960-92"
"Table B-41: Employees on nonagricultural payrolls"
"Table B-42: Hours and earnings in private nonagricultural"
"Table B-47: Industrial production indexes, market groupings, 1947-92"
"Table B-48: Industrial production indexes, selected manufactures"
"Table B-59: Changes in special consumer price indexes, 1958-92"
"Table B-64: Changes in producer price indexes for finished goods"
"Table B-67: Aggregate reserves of depository"
"Table B-68.--Commercial bank loans and securities, 1972-92"
"Table B-69: Bond yields and interest rates, 1929-92"
"Table B-70: -Total funds raised in credit markets"
"Table B-72: Mortgage debt outstanding by holder, 1940-92"
"Table B-77: Federal and State & local government receipts & expenditures"
"Table B-78: Federal and State and local government receipts & expenditures"
"Table B-79: Federal Government receipts and expenditures"
"Table B-80: State and local government receipts and expenditures"
"Table B-84: Estimated ownership of public debt securities"
"Table B-87: Corporate profits of manufacturing industries; 1959-92"
"Table B-94: Farm output and productivity indexes, 1947-91"
"Table B-103: U.S. merchanidise exports, imports, and trade balance"
"Table B-104.--International reserves, selected years, 1952-92"
"Table B-105.--Industrial production and consumer prices"
"Table B-106.--Civilian unemployment rate, and hourly compensation"
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"Table B109: National wealth, 1960-91"
"Table B-110: National wealth in 1982 dollars, 1960-91"
"Table B111: Selected historical series on gross domestic"

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