TED 8650 Elementary Economics

Reading and Test Schedule, Spring, 1998


Reading Assignment for this Week


Jan 20-21


Jan 27-28

Chapter 1 The Economic Problem

Feb 3-4

"Electronic Economics Resources"

Feb 10-11

Chapter 2 Basic Economic Questions

Feb 17-18

Chapter 3 Exchange and Money

Feb 24-25

Chapter 4 Consumers and Demand


1st Journal Assignment Due

Mar 3-4

Review Chapter 1-4

Mar 10-11

First Test over Chapter 1-4

Mar 17-18

No Class

Mar 24-25

Chapter 5 Production

Mar 30-1

Chapter 6 Producers and Supply

Apr 7-8

Chapter 7 Markets

Apr 14-15

OPS Spring Break

Apr 21-22

Chapter 8 National and International Economics

Apr 28-29

Review Chapter 5-8

May 5-6

Second Test Chapter 5-8

May 12-13

No Class

May 19-20

Projects and Journals due

Pre and Post Testing:

If you teach in grades 3-6, before you begin teaching economics to your students, we ask you to pretest your students using the BET (Basic Test of Economics). We will supply the electronic answer sheets and test. At the end of the semester, after you have taught some economics throughout the semester, we will ask you to administer the same test to your students.

We will ask the administrators in the class, to test a control class of students at grades 3-6, whose teachers are not in the economics program. We would use this control group to test the effectiveness of the program.

We will not be using individual or class scores but will use age groups of students to show gains in economic literacy.