EcoSim: An Interactive Simulation

EcoSim is an interactive simulation in which each student plays the role of a company and a group of people, or a legislator in the government/central bank. EcoSim establishes among the players the same incentives and general restrictions that exist in the real world. As the simulation progresses, players create the same market forces within EcoSim that exist in the real world. Players determine all market prices and interest rates, production and consumption levels, etc. EcoSim provides students with a strong intuitive grasp of economics and finance by giving them hands on experience in the workings of an economy.

EcoSim is designed to be used with any (or all, simultaneously) of the following classes: principles of economics, intermediate microeconomics, public finance, mathematical economics, managerial economics, and principles of finance. EcoSim can also be used in high school economics classes. EcoSim operates on a VAX/VMS system (a windows based version for a PC network is in the works). The software is available at no charge to all interested colleges and universities. All players are requested to purchase a manual and spreadsheet disk (the spreadsheet aids in decision making in the simulation) at a nominal fee. Bookstores can be supplied directly.

To obtain a copy of EcoSim, contact:

Anthony Davies, Ph.D.
A.J. Palumbo School of Business
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

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