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General Economics Information Sites

The first section includes Bill Goffe's current hypertext guide with links to economic information on the Internet, plus a number of the major sites for economics information and data.

Resources for Economists on the Internet by Goffe
    Bill Goffe's current hypertext guide has links to all known economic information on the Internet. To use this guide, click on the site or type of information you want. The first click takes you to a section of the Goffe document that describes this site. Within or following his description, there is a link to the site itself. Thus you can go to any economics location from the Goffe pages. Goffe also describes the economics listserv discussion groups on the Internet (PolEcon, Femecon, Tch-econ, Econ-ed, etc.), along with the addresses to join. (Listservs are e-mail discussion groups that require signing on with an e-mail address to participate.)
St. Louis Federal Reserve Data Base FRED
    This database has lots of data, including indexes for GDP data, price data, employment data, financial and monetary data, exchange rate and regional data.
Federal Reserve Information and Data from Woodrow
    Woodrow, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis website, offers information about the Federal Reserve and the economy, including the entire Beige Book; selected national and regional data, including data on Ninth District banks; text of publications; economic education materials; connection to its Research Department and information about bank supervision and regulation. Check out "Tracking the Economy" page and the charts from that page!
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Economic Report of the President
    The 1996 and 1997 Economic Report of the President, searchable.
Economic Report of the President, Selected Tables 1995
    Selected tables from the Economic Report of the President, 1995, can be viewed in tabular form. To access data files for use in spreadsheet applications, note the data file name given in the table heading, and retrieve from the statistics directory.
    Or click here for an Acrobat file of all tables(440 KB): ERPS.PDF