Top Ten Ways to Teach More Economics
Number 10.
Find out where the Virtual Economics CD-ROM is currently located in your school. Is it the latest version?.
    Virtual Economics is a CD-ROM packed with economics lessons and materials for all ages. If you can't find your school's copy, try your media center and social studies teachers first. If you havenít had a chance to try Virtual Economics, you can find out more about it (and get order information, if necessary) on the catalog page of EconomicsAmerica.
Number 9.
Use the new state Social Studies Standards in economics, the Virtual Economics CD-ROM, and online information to redefine a lesson with an economics theme.
    Look up the State Social Studies Standards (Economics) online, which are keyed to economics lessons in the Virtual Economics CD-ROM. Combine with current economic information and data at the EcEdWeb Economic Information site to enhance your favorite lesson, or use Virtual Economics to find a new lesson with an economics theme in your content area. The CD-ROM has lessons for all grade levels and many secondary subjects. You can use its search feature to find a lesson.
Number 8.
Attend a workshop or credit course at your local center for economic education.
    Find out what's happening at your nearest Center for Economic Education for Economic Education Week. Centers offer noncredit workshops as well as credit courses.
Number 7.
Contact an Economics Fellow for ideas to teach economics.
    The Economic Fellows are Nebraska teachers who have received special training from the Nebraska Council on the materials available from each Center and can make suggestions to help you teach economics to your students. You can locate teachers with Master's Degrees in Economic Education at the Nebraska Council Page of EcEdWeb: click on "Fellows".
Number 6.
Find a new lesson on MCI/EconomicsAmerica EconEdLink.
    EconomicsAmerica EconEdLink. a website cosponsored by the National Council on Economic Education and MCI, has complete and innovative lessons that connect current events and economic topics of interest.
Number 5.
Invite a business speaker to come into your class to talk about the importance of understanding economics.
    Have local business speakers attend your class and describe to your students how employees who understand economics can contribute to the success of their businesses.
Number 4.
Take the updated Great Nebraskan Economics Test.
    The national average on the economics test for the general public was 40.7%, for high school seniors was 37.1%, and for college seniors was 54.5%. Can we do better in Nebraska? Take the on-line Great Nebraskan Economics Test to find out!
Number 3.
Team teach with economics as one of the content areas.
    Plan an activity with another teacher that focuses on economic topics and ideas from the Frameworks Guides or state standards. Economics is a great thematic unit topic which can be used in many content areas. You can find directions for these units by contacting a Center, using the Virtual Economics CD-ROM, reviewing the state standards keyed to subject areas, or contacting curriculum supervisors in the State Department.
Number 2.
Play the stock market game (SMG).
    Learn about the stock market game at the Stock Market Game Website. Contact the Nebraska Council on Economic Education SMG coordinator at 1-402-472-3805 or 1-800-328-2854 to receive registration materials.
Number 1.
Teach an economics lesson (keyed to State Standards) from Economic Education Week Online Lessons!.
    Thanks for visiting our 'top ten' site! We hope you enjoy Economic Education Week!

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