Top Ten Ways to Teach More Economics
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Number 10.
Find out where the Virtual Economics CD-ROM is currently located in your school. Is it the latest version?.
Number 9
Use the new state Social Studies Standards in economics, the Virtual Economics CD-ROM, and online information to redefine a lesson with an economics theme.
Number 8.
Attend a workshop or credit course at your local center for economic education.
Number 7.
Contact an Economics Fellow for ideas to teach economics.
Number 6.
Find a new lesson on MCI/EconomicsAmerica Net EconEdLink .
Number 5.
Invite a business speaker to come into your class to talk about the importance of understanding economics.
Number 4.
Take the Great Nebraskan Economics Test.
Number 3.
Team teach with economics as one of the content areas.
Number 2.
Play the stock market game (SMG).
Number 1.
Teach an economics lesson (keyed to State Standards) from Economic Education Week Lessons!.

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