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What's New?

EcEdWeb Update

You may have noticed that EcEdWeb has been refreshed with new links and lessons to incorporate the latest Nebraska state and national standards. This summer, new links to the National Voluntary Financial Literacy standards and the Voluntary Economics Standards were added to assist teachers as new courses or district standards are created or updated. Now schools can add the exact language from the national standards as well as brush up on what concepts they should cover in each class in one easy location.

In addition, a new web landing page has been created just for Nebraska teachers that links a downloadable lesson for every concept covered in the economics strand of the latest K-12 Nebraska State Social Studies Standards. Teachers are expected to teach more economics as part of their social studies curriculum and the NeEconEd website helps teachers learn what is expected at each grade level and link quickly to good materials to use in the classroom. A special page is presented for NE's 4th grade teachers as they explore NE economic activities with their students.


Former UNO Center Director (and Center Associate), Mary Lynn Reiser was recently recognized with the Paul Beck Outstanding Social Studies Educator from the Nebraska State Council for the Social Studies. This award is the highest honor given by the council and named for a former history professor at UNO. She was also nominated for the 2014 First Lady's Outstanding Community Service Award this spring.

Great Resources

Planning a new course in economics or personal finance? Make sure to look at the NE State Dept. latest guidelines and helpful resources listed on their website.

Need to add more informational text readings to your courses? We have added a set of short essays about the key ideas in economics that are great for discussion before and after you introduce new topics to students. Check them out at


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