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economics olympics: magnet premier event

Conestoga and Marrs Economics Magnet Schools have a premier student event, the Economics Olympics. We have provided several documents to provide a fast start for other schools who are considering hosting their own economics olympics. We recommend that you read our (Michele Wulff, Erin Ruis, Mary Lynn Reiser, Kim Sosin) presentation first, then the other documents will be understood in context.

Web Powerpoint: How to do your own econ olympics

NCEE/NAEE and Magnet Schools of America Conference Presentation.

From an Elementary School Magnet

Economics Olympics Sign-up
Study for the Olympics
International Economics Olympics
Economics Olympics Competition Day

From a Middle School Magnet

Student Guidance for Research
Eighth Grade Research Guide
Eighth Grade Score Sheets
Materials List and Time Schedule
General Message to Other Teachers
Guidelines for High School Student Helpers
Judges Score Sheets
Judges Schedule
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