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Two sets of banks-in-schools photos

The full story of the program is on our "Banks in the Schools" page. On this page, at the top are photos from the 2011 outstanding tellers program for the banks in schools program. At the bottom are photos from the opening of the cardinal branch of the Traynor State Bank.

Photos of area tellers for the banks-in-schools program from the 2011 outstanding teller event.

Conestoga school tellers

Fremont school tellers

Fremont school tellers in UNO CBA/Mammel Hall

Skinner-Bloomer tellers

Having fun!

Cardinal Branch of the Treynor State Bank Opens in Treynor, IA

In September, 2010 the UNO Center for Economic Education worked with the Treynor State Bank and the Treynor Elementary School to open the "Cardinal" branch of the bank. The full story is on our "Bank in the Schools" page. Here are photos of the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Bank tellers at the "Cardinal" branch of the Treynor State Bank.

the ribbon-cutting event

bank and UNO dignitaries

presenting the tellers to the school

cutting the ribbon!

with a little guidance from experienced tellers...

line up to make deposits!