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Include economics in fourth grade NE history.

Economics Concepts K-6

A table of economics concepts appropriate for each grade level.

Lessons by Concept

Lessons for each concept to help you teach economics.

Concepts Glossary

Definitions for teachers.

Concepts/Lessons for Textbook

The Nebraska Adventure: concepts and lessons by chapter.
NE Historical Society Links

Online photos to help you teach about Nebraska.
External Websites Links

Links to other resources to help you build a great lesson.

Photograph Collections from the Nebraska State Historical Society
Useful for lessons and classes on history and economics of Nebraska

   J. Anderson Collection 1890-1900

   Solomon Butcher Collection, settlers and land, late 1800s

   Fairmont Foods Collection, buildings and businesses, 1920s

   Photos of the Nebraska State Fair, early 1900s,
    includes nice photo of Wright Brother's Aeroplane

   Thomas Kimball Collection (His house) 1873-1905.

   Otto Klima Collection, 1916-2000, business buildings

   John Nelson Collection, Nebraska about 1920, businesses, people.

   Wounded Knee Collection, Pine Ridge

Other Collections linked to the Nebraska State Historical Society

   American Memory, select topic and search (e.g. by Nebraska). Big project


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