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Lessons on Concept 'Specialization' for K-5

The Colonial Workers Web: Lesson 11
Grades 3-5 / EconFun: Students will participate in an activity to explore how workers, both today and in colonial times, worked within their societies to produce specialized goods and services and became interdependent. Lesson 11 from Adventures in Economics and U.S. History, Volume 1.

Where Did You Come From?
Grades 3-5 / EconEdLink: In this multiple intelligences lesson the students figure out why the United States imports some goods that we can grow right here!

Lean on Me - We Depend on Each Other
Grades 4-5 / EconEdLink: The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate that the production of most goods can be broken down into a number of specific tasks (division of labor), with each of these tasks assigned to specific workers (specialization.)