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Lessons on Concept 'Choice' for K-5

When They Want Blueberries
Grades K-3 / EconFun: Students will hear Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McClosky, a story about two mothers and their offspring who wanted blueberries for the coming winter for themselves and their families. Then students will explore their own wants. Lesson 6 from Spotting the Economics: From Africa to Ice Cream.

To Market To Market
Grades 3 / EconEdLink: This lesson will help students become good consumers and producers by taking turns buying and selling things in a classroom-created market. Students will establish prices for items and observe what happens during the sale of those items.

The Best Deal
Grades 4-5,6-8 / EconEdLink: Students will learn how to determine 'price per unit to help make decisions when comparing products.

Every Penny Counts
Grades K-2 / EconEdLink: Children and adults, confronted by a multitude of tempting consumer products, must learn to evaluate the options available to them. But how does one spend money wisely?