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Include economics in fourth grade NE history.

Economics Concepts K-6

A table of economics concepts appropriate for each grade level.

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Lessons for each concept to help you teach economics.

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Definitions for teachers.

Concepts/Lessons for Textbook

The Nebraska Adventure: concepts and lessons by chapter.
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The Nebraska Adventure:

A Teachers' Guide to Economic Concepts and Economics Lessons

Chapter Select Concept to See Lessons
 1 The Adventure Begins: Choice/Decision-Making, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost.
 2 Nebraska's Place in the World: Producers/Production, Specialization, Markets.
 3 Natural Nebraska: Resources-Human/Natural/Capital.
 4 Native Americans on the Plains:  Barter/Trade.
 5Explorers, Traders, and Missionaries: Barter/Trade. Interdependence, Opportunity Cost.
 6 Go West! Specialization, Division of Labor.
 7 Live in the Territory: Money/Exchange, Competition, Functions of Money/Banks.
 8Settling in Nebraska Specialization, Resources-Human/Natural/Capital, Producers/Production, Incentives.
 9 Strangers in Their Own Land: Resources-Human/Natural/Capital.
10 Building the State: Resources-Human/Natural/Capital, Specialization.
11  20th Century Nebraskans: Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Inventors, Technological Change.
12  Government for All of Us:  Role of Government,
13  Making a Living in Nebraska: Entrepreneurs, Goods and Services, Exports, Imports, Unemployment.


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