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Lessons on Concept 'Saving' for K-5

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Why We Save
Grade K-2 / Lesson 8, Personal Finance Economics K-12: Pocketwise. (PDF Format) Copyright ©1996, Council for Economic Education, New York, NY 10036. Used with permission.

Financial Fables
Grade K-5 / Financial Fables is an e-book with colorful bird characters who face and solve financial problems. Younger children can use the "Read to me" function that highlights text while pages are read to them. Older children can choose the "Read by myself" function to read at their own pace. Financial Fables have related teacher lesson plans and are aligned to national economic and personal finance standards, as well as state reading standards. Interactive features, including activities and games, accompany each fable to extend learning. Additional family activities are suggested to enrich the fable.

Banking is Interest-ing
Grade 4 / EconEdLink: Banks are important to Americans. We use banks to save money and earn interest, or borrow money and pay interest. This lesson introduces the concepts of banking to children.

The ABCs of Saving
Grade K-3 / EconEdLink: We save money to get things we can't afford to buy now. Saving for the future requires patience but it can be worth it when we get what we want the most. Successful savings depends on three elements which are presented to students as the ABCs of saving.