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Lessons on Concept 'Profit' for 6-8

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Lesson 5: Competition and Market Structure
Grade 6-8 / Students will play a game that is like a competitive market. While playing the game, it is intended that students will “discover” that the price of the product is determined by the interaction of suppliers of the product and demanders of the product. If the existing price in a competitive market is lower than the unit costs of production, then that would not be a good market to enter because only losses will result.

Will I Make a Profit?
Grade 9-12 / Bessie Moore Center, Arkansas: Students  analyze  the  financial  information  from  two  business  plans  to  learn  how revenues  can  be  increased  or  costs  decreased in order to make the businesses profitable.  This is a process that is necessary to the business plan.

What is a stock, or who owns McDonald's?**
Grade 6-12 / Students will explore the fundamentals of stock ownership. They discuss how stock owners share the risks and rewards of purchasing stocks. Lesson 3 from Learning for the Market: Integrating the Stock Market Game Across the Curriculum, ©Council for Economic Education.

Nebraska Entreprenuers: Creating Your Own Careers
Grade 9-12 / Ten lessons focusing on the characteristics of entreprenuers in the economy. Several lessons deal with Nebraska entreprenuers. ©Nebraska Council on Economic Education