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Lessons on Concept 'Productivity' for K-5

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The Mystery of the Amazing Farmers
Grade 3-6, 6-8 / EconEdLink: In this lesson you will be taking on the role of an an investigative reporter to solve the Amazing Farmer Mystery. The goal will be to use seven clues provided throughout the lesson in order to figure out how so few farmers can produce enough food and fiber for the nation.

Folding Our Way to Productivity
Grade 2-5 / EconEdLink: Students role-play workers producing origami cups. They participate in two production rounds, one without training and one with training. Students observe how productivity increases through training and, as a result, how income increases.

Inventors: Dreaming Up New Ideas
Grade 4-8 / EconFun: Students will read and discuss the historical book, A Head Full of Notions, about Robert Fulton. They will differentiate between inventors and entrepreneurs, describe the incentives that motivate them, and explore the important contributions they make to society’s standard of living. This is Lesson 7 of Adventures in Economics and U.S. History, Volume 2

The Real McCoy*
Grade 4-6 / Elijah McCoy was an African-American inventor who successfully designed an automatic oil cup that may have inspired the popular phrase, "the real McCoy." Learn about increasing productivity and patents. ©SPEC Publishing.

Homer Price (the Doughnuts)*
Grade 4-6 / The doughnut machine goes on a rampage making hundreds of doughnuts. Learn about capital resources, increasing productivity, law of demand, quantity demanded, and Language Arts: using reference materials, oral expression, organizing and sequencing information. ©SPEC Publishing.