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Lessons on Concept 'Productivity' for 6-8

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Henry Ford and the Model T: A Case Study in Productivity
Grade 6-8, 9-12 / EconEdLink: This three-part learning unit provides students with the story of Henry Ford and the Model T from an economics perspective. Parts 1 and 2 explore how the Ford Motor Company successfully introduced mass production strategies to the auto industry. Students learn how specialization and investments in capital (machines, people, etc.) increased productivity and allowed Ford to slash the price of his popular vehicle. Students also explore how Henry Ford used economic incentives to address a problem created by mass production techniques—worker turnover. An optional Part 3 explains how increased productivity resulted in shifts in the supply and demand for the Model T. Students analyze how a variety of non-price determinants continue to influence the automobile market today.

Ten Mile Day
Grade 6-8 / Federal Reserve St. Louis: In this multidisciplinary lesson, students work in small groups ("work crews") while participating in a production activity. Students learn about competition, division of labor, and incentives. They also demonstrate how division of labor and incentives help lead to greater productivity.

Lesson 9: Production and Costs
Grade 9-12 / Selected lesson from a curriculum guide focusing on Nebraska entreprenuers. (PDF format) This hands-on lesson help students understand how entrepreneurs control costs, and includes the "diminishing returns" concept., Authors: Derry Trampe, Chuck Parker, Tammie Fischer, and Mary Lynn Reiser. ©Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Business Economics Course
Grade 9-12 / Course Outline: Business Economics is a course designed to help students understand economic principles as applied to current events and issues. Emphasis includes allocation of resources, economic systems, economic institutions and incentives, markets and prices, market structures, productivity, role of government, global economic concepts, and economic indicators.

Nebraska Entreprenuers: Creating Your Own Careers
Grade 9-12 / Ten lessons focusing on the characteristics of entreprenuers in the economy. Several lessons deal with Nebraska entreprenuers. ©Nebraska Council on Economic Education