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Lessons on Concept 'Money/Medium of Exchange' for K-5

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My Money
Grade K / EcEdWeb: My Money teaches students at four levels (generally intended for elementary school grades with the possible exception of Part IV, which may be appropriate for middle school). Each part consists of lessons on money and exercises for evaluating the student's understanding of this information and other classroom discussions about money. Includes coin recognition.

Financial Fables
Grade K-5 / Financial Fables is an e-book with colorful bird characters who face and solve financial problems. Younger children can use the "Read to me" function that highlights text while pages are read to them. Older children can choose the "Read by myself" function to read at their own pace. Financial Fables have related teacher lesson plans and are aligned to national economic and personal finance standards, as well as state reading standards. Interactive features, including activities and games, accompany each fable to extend learning. Additional family activities are suggested to enrich the fable.

The Story of Jack and the Bank Stalk
Grade 2 / EconEdLink: Fairy tales have always been used to give lessons about life. The story of Jack and the Bean Stalk is a good lesson about the importance of knowing about money and banks. The story of Jack asks the question, 'What is money?'

Saturday Sancocho
Grade 2-3 / St. Louis FR Bank: In this lesson, students listen to a story and answer questions about a family in Central or South America that barters to get the ingredients for chicken sancocho, a kind of stew. The students complete sentences that record the various trades carried out by the family to obtain all of the ingredients for the sancocho. They participate in a trading activity where they barter with each other to get the ingredients needed to make chicken sancocho and learn about the difficulties associated with barter. They use money in a second round of the trading activity to learn about money's advantages over barter.

No Funny Money Honey, I want the Real Thing
Grade 3 / EconEdLink: Do you know what funny money is? It's NOT the real thing! Find out how our government tries to make our money hard to copy in this lesson about real and fake money.

I Have No Money; Will you Take Wampam?
Grade 3-5 / EconEdLink: Through the use of folk tales, history, and the students' own experiences, students will recognize the inter-relatedness of goods, services, money. They will locate information about barter as a means of trade, use folk tales as an historical instrument.