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Lessons on Concept 'Markets' for K-5

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What is Competition?
Grade 3-4 / EconEdLink: Students will understand what businesses are, that a marketplace exists whenever buyers and sellers exchange goods and services, and that there is competition in the market place if you have more than one seller of the same item or similar items.

To Market To Market
Grade 3 / EconEdLink: This lesson will help students become good consumers and producers by taking turns buying and selling things in a classroom-created market. Students will establish prices for items and observe what happens during the sale of those items.

Colonial Marketplace Lesson 10
Grade 5 / From EconFun: Students will participate as children of colonial farmers in a simulation of a market. They will first barter, exchanging the goods they “produced” for other goods. Then, in a second round, they will trade again, using money as the medium of exchange.