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Lessons on Concept 'Interdependence' for 9-12

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Lean on Me - We Depend on Each Other
Grade 6-8 / EconEdLink: The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate that the production of most goods can be broken down into a number of specific tasks (division of labor), with each of these tasks assigned to specific workers (specialization.)

The Colonial Workers Web: Lesson 11
Grade 6-8 / EconFun: Students will participate in an activity to explore how workers, both today and in colonial times, worked within their societies to produce specialized goods and services and became interdependent. Lesson 11 from Adventures in Economics and U.S. History, Volume 1.

Where Did All the Money Go? The Mystery of the Great Depression
Grade 9-12 / EconEdLink: The students read a brief passage that poses the mystery, "How did the Great Depression happen?" As detectives, they gather clues using the Internet to investigate the mystery through a series of clue sheets. In the first step they complete a retrieval chart to summarize information about the consumer price index, unemployment rate, federal spending, and US and world events that have economic and political implications.