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Lessons on Concept 'Incentives' for 9-12

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They Say We Had a Revolution
Grade 6-12 / EconEdLink: In this series of three lessons,the students examine transportation and its impact on our nation (and vice versa) since the United States declared its independence in 1776. There are three lessons here.

Nebraska Entrepreneurs, Lesson 3: What's In It for Me?
Grade 9-12 / In this lesson students will examine both the benefits and costs that are associated with owning and operating a business. By completing a decision-making grid, students will realize that being your own boss involves trade-offs. In addition to this students will examine the incentives for starting a business as well as the opportunity costs involved.

Business Economics Course
Grade 9-12 / Course Outline: Business Economics is a course designed to help students understand economic principles as applied to current events and issues. Emphasis includes allocation of resources, economic systems, economic institutions and incentives, markets and prices, market structures, productivity, role of government, global economic concepts, and economic indicators.

School for Sale
Grade 9-12 / Examination of the case for privatizing a public school. Learn about public goods, private goods, costs, incentives, and economic efficiency. ©Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Is the Tassle worth the Hassle?
Grade 9-12 / Analysis of the costs and benefits of educational choices. Learn about economic choice, opportunity cost, and incentives. ©Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Prohibition Then; MADD Today**
Grade 6-12 / Students read short histories of Prohibition and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and work in small groups to evaluate the consequences of these policies on consumers' behavior. Lesson 9 from Focus on Economics: United States History, ©Council for Economic Education.