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Lessons on Concept 'Human Capital' for K-5

Please find the grade level for your class.

The Color of Resources
Grade 4 / EconEdLink: This lesson will demonstrate the making of Crayola products to introduce natural, capital, and human resources as well as touching on some other aspects in the Crayola industry such as producers and consumers.

On the Court with Michael Jordan
Grade 5 / St. Louis Federal Reserve: Students participate in a simulation to learn about choices, alternatives, opportunity cost and human capital. They learn the PACED decision-making model.

The Mystery of the Amazing Farmers
Grade 3-6, 6-8 / EconEdLink: In this lesson you will be taking on the role of an an investigative reporter to solve the Amazing Farmer Mystery. The goal will be to use seven clues provided throughout the lesson in order to figure out how so few farmers can produce enough food and fiber for the nation.