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Lessons on Concept 'Goods/Services' for K-5

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If you Give a Mouse a Cookie
Grade 1-3 / A little mouse shows up at a young man's house. The young man gives the mouse a cookie and starts a chain of events. Learn about unlimited wants, and goods and services. . ©SPEC Publishing.

Cowboy Bob Builds a Community
Grade 4 / EconEdLink: A cowboy rides into a ghost town and decides that it needs to be rebuilt. Students will select the necessary things that a town needs in order for it to function and grow.

Goods and Services: Some are Private, Some are Not
Grade 2-5 / EconEdLink: The role of government is to provide for the common defense, define and protect property rights, and enforce contractual arrangements. Throughout the 20th and early 21st century, government has increased its role in economic life.

Mystery Workers
Grade 2 / EconEdLink: In this lesson students review the concepts of goods, services, and producers using the Internet to locate examples of each in a teacher's classroom. They learn about the three kinds of resources necessary to produce goods and provide services locating examples from a picture tour of the Crayola Factory. Through interviews they learn about the work of the people in their families and draw conclusions from their findings. Finally, they examine a picture of a farmer working in a field to identify examples of natural, human, and capital resources.

The Colonial Workers Web: Lesson 11
Grade 3-5 / EconFun: Students will participate in an activity to explore how workers, both today and in colonial times, worked within their societies to produce specialized goods and services and became interdependent. Lesson 11 from Adventures in Economics and U.S. History, Volume 1.

I Have No Money; Will you Take Wampam?
Grade 3-5 / EconEdLink: Through the use of folk tales, history, and the students' own experiences, students will recognize the inter-relatedness of goods, services, money. They will locate information about barter as a means of trade, use folk tales as an historical instrument.

No Fireworks on the 4th of July
Grade 6-8 / EconEdLink: This lesson explores the differences between public and private goods.