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Lessons on Concept 'Economic Institution' for 6-8

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Institutions Matter: Experiments in Real Life
Grade 9-12 / FTE: A real-life social science experiment in how institutions shape people's lives has been taking place for the past half-century in North and South Korea. This unique history is the foundation for a social science experiment about how institutions impact people's lives.

Economic Institutions Video
Grade 9-12 / This video teaches the concept of Economic Institutions. Economic institutions refer to the established laws, customs, organizations or systems that have a strong impact on economic decisions.

Business Economics Course
Grade 9-12 / Course Outline: Business Economics is a course designed to help students understand economic principles as applied to current events and issues. Emphasis includes allocation of resources, economic systems, economic institutions and incentives, markets and prices, market structures, productivity, role of government, global economic concepts, and economic indicators.