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Lessons on Concept 'Competition' for 6-8

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In the Chips — A Market in Computer Chips
Grade 9-12 / FTE: Understanding how markets work and the role of prices within markets is an important key to being able to explain and predict economic behavior. In true markets, prices are determined by the interaction of buyers and sellers. In-class simulation and video explanation.

How has the Constitution shaped the economy in the U.S.?
Grade 6-12 / Class discussion and small group task identifying the six characteristics of a market economy and the provisions in the constitution that support a market economy. Unit 1, Lesson 1 from Focus on Economics: Civics and Government, ©Council for Economic Education.

Marketplace: School Competition
Grade 9-12 / In this lesson, students listen to an audio file about school vouchers creating market competition for public schools in June 2002. Students will identify the story's major concepts and their supporting details using an interactive note-taker.