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Lessons on Concept 'Choice' for 6-8

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Give and Take**
Grade 6-8 / After reading about a problem, students identify alternative solutions, trade-offs made in choosing each alternative, and the opportunity cost of selecting each option.. Students describe trade-offs and create a graphic. Unit 1, Lesson 2 from Focus: Middle School Economics, ©Council for Economic Education.

What is a stock, or who owns McDonald's?**
Grade 6-12 / Students will explore the fundamentals of stock ownership. They discuss how stock owners share the risks and rewards of purchasing stocks. Lesson 3 from Learning for the Market: Integrating the Stock Market Game Across the Curriculum, ©Council for Economic Education.

Is the Tassle worth the Hassle?
Grade 9-12 / Analysis of the costs and benefits of educational choices. Learn about economic choice, opportunity cost, and incentives. ©Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Prohibition Then; MADD Today**
Grade 6-12 / Students read short histories of Prohibition and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and work in small groups to evaluate the consequences of these policies on consumers' behavior. Lesson 9 from Focus on Economics: United States History, ©Council for Economic Education.

Consumer Credit: Buy Now, Pay Later, and More.
Grade 9-12 / Lesson 10, Personal Decision Making: Focus on Economics. Copyright ©1996, (PDF Format) Council for Economic Education, New York, NY 10036. Used with permission.