Crestridge is the Recipient of Three Grants for International Studies Week Activities

For Immediate Release:

Crestridge School for International/Global Studies, in partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha, has been awarded a grant of $2000 from the United States Council for Economic Education to conduct activities in observance of International Studies Week. International Studies Week, usually held the second week of November, has been sponsored by the United States State Department for the purpose of encouraging schools to include international studies in their curriculum. The United States Council for Economic Education funds special programs for this observance. The goal of this program is to make students aware of the role economics has in international studies.

The grant, which Crestridge received, supports a study of the material wealth of families around the world. Students will be recording their possessions in either drawings or photographs; investigating the value placed on possessions by themselves and others; writing reports comparing their material wealth with that of another family in a different country; and then having a display of their work for an assembly.

With funds from the United States Council for Economic Education and a grant of an extra $1000 from the Nebraska Arts Council, the students will have an additional opportunity to think about the value of possessions through the arts. Starting on October 29, Ms. Julia Noyes, a renown artist from Lincoln, will be working with the students on a sculpture incorporating common possession found in most homes with some of the objects received as gifts from various international visitors to our school.

As the students engage in their investigation of material wealth, guest speakers will be part of this month long project. Dr. John Krejci from Nebraska Wesleyan University will speak about village life in Mexico to our students. This assembly is partially sponsored by the Nebraska Humanities Council. Dr. Krejci's assembly will be held the afternoon of Nov. 5. In addition there will be other volunteer speakers describing their childhood possessions as they grew up in other countries.

The project will end with a series of activities on November 13. The day will start with an unveiling of the sculpture by Ms. Noyes in the morning. Then there will be an assembly in the afternoon where all the students will display they research of material wealth. In addition to the students' display will be similar displays completed by international students from the International Department of the University of Omaha at Nebraska. Several university students will have participated in the same study of material wealth and will share their work with Crestridge students in the afternoon of Nov. 13.

The grant also funds a teacher inservice to be held after-school on the 13th. Teachers will learn some teaching strategies for incorporating economic education with our international focus. Teachers attending the inservice will receive a stipend to purchase teaching materials for their international curriculum.

For more information about this grant and project please contact John Mezger at 697-1185. (The Nebraska arts Council grants monetary resources to Nebraska's nonprofit organizations for arts projects and programs in communities throughout the state. This financial support is made possible by funds appropriated by the Nebraska legislature and through competitive grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. Nebraskans wishing to learn more about these grants should contact the Nebraska Arts Council at (402) 595-2122).