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Resources for Teaching 6-12 Economics
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Here are many online teaching resources for middle school and high school and useful web sites for economics. See also our online lessons page. If you need information about high school textbooks, please see the pdf version of A Review of High School Economics Textbooks by Don Leets and Jane Lopus.

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Level Resource Description
6-12 AmosWeb Glossary of Economics Terms GUIDE: Provides definitions of most economics terms.
6-12 College Board AP Economics Information AP Examination Subject Index GUIDE: The AP Program offers two separate examinations in economics: one in microeconomics and one in macroeconomics. The material on each examination is intended to correspond to at least one semester of college-level instruction.
6-12 Curriculum Planning Guide for Nebraska Schools GUIDE: Planning guide is designed to help educators target the economic concepts that should be introduced in the elementary (K-6) grades. The concepts are based on national voluntary standards and can easily be used as districts and teachers revise their curriculum to meet standards.
Concepts: High School level GUIDE: The concepts every high school graduate should know.
6-12 Glossary of Economics Terms GUIDE: Handy source for definitions.
Nebraska Social Studies/Economics Standards and Business Education Essential Learnings STANDARDS: Includes Online Lessons and references to many other lessons! This page links to the Nebraska standards that have economics content and provides many ready-to-use lessons for each standard. Some of the lessons are available online here (see below), all are available on the EconomicsAmerica (see below) Virtual Economics CD-ROM.
Nebraska Social Studies/Economics Standards STANDARDS: Nebraska standards in social studies, including economics.
6-12 Curriculum Standards by Subject from McRell STANDARDS: K-12 Standards for many areas from the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL). The NCEE's recently issued Voluntary National Content Standards are used as the basis for the economics page of standards and benchmarks.
National Business Education STANDARDS: National Standards for Business Education.
An Online Lesson on Demand and Supply CURRICULUM: Take a look at EcEdWeb experimental pages for teaching demand and supply, with explanations followed by a self quiz. Would appreciate comments if you feel so inclined. Check out the self-quiz for students page.
Nebraska and the World CURRICULUM: "Nebraska and the World" is a resource guide and ten lessons for teachers focusing on the role of international trade in state development in Nebraska. The document, including all lessons, is available online in Adobe Acrobat format (4.0 or higher).
Online Economics Lessons and Activities CURRICULUM: This page has economics lessons (text format with some graphics) for all grade levels, keyed to National and Nebraska standards, ready to use in your class.
Online Lessons from the Virtual Economics Companion CURRICULUM: Many more economics lessons (Acrobat PDF format) listed by class level.
Virtual Economics Web Companion CURRICULUM: PDF Files: You will need Adobe Acrobat reader installed in your browser for the following links marked .pdf. The Acroread reader software is free from Adobe or is already on your system if you use the Virtual Economics CD-ROM.
9-12 CURRICULUM: Over 1,000 Webquests and 6,200 Lesson Plans. This includes tons of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and many more resources.
EconomicsAmerica Web Site CURRICULUM: Includes A Framework for Teaching Basic Economic Concepts with Scope and Sequence Guidelines, K-12, the National Economics Standards, information about the Virtual Economics CD-ROM, and new lessons appearing weekly on EconEdLink!
6-12 Junior Achievement CURRICULUM: Junior Achievement (JA) is nationwide group of volunteers, educators, parents, and contributors who reach out with a information about free enterprise to nearly 4 million students, each year, in grades K-12. Junior Achievement (JA) is nationwide group of volunteers, educators, parents, and contributors who reach out with a information about free enterprise to nearly 4 million students, each year, in grades K-12.
6-9 Kile's "Where shall we locate?" Internet suggestion. CURRICULUM: Gary Kile's suggestion for a project in which students use the Internet to research a good location for a firm.
Online lessons from James Madison Univ. CURRICULUM: More online lessons, these for all levels and cataloged by level from Martha Hopkins at James Madison University
Suggestions for Creating Web Lessons and Activities CURRICULUM: The web is bursting with information, but how can you put it together into a classroom lesson? This page has some suggestions based on resources here or linked from here.
6-12 Nebraska Entreprenuers: Creating Your Own Careers CURRICULUM: Ten lessons focusing on the characteristics of entreprenuers in the economy. Several lessons deal with Nebraska entreprenuers. ©Nebraska Council on Economic
6-12 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Econ Exercise CURRICULUM: In this Web-based exploration, your objective is to investigate the issues concerning the relocation of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
6-12 LearnEcon
CURRICULUM: complete first year college curriculum in Microeconomics. Your students and teachers may use at no charge to support and enhance learning.
6-12 Educational Classroom Resources for Teachers CURRICULUM: Presents a variety of lesson plans and incorporates new ideas and activities to help students connect with the material in a real way, and make learning a life long process.
Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis CURRICULUM: Offers resources to help your elementary, middle-school and high-school students learn more about money and banking, economics, personal finance, history, the Federal Reserve, and economics and geography.
9-12 CURRICULUM: Features over 2,000 free math printables that range in skill from grades K-12.
6-12 Entrepreneurship Education, the NE Dept of Education CURRICULUM: The Nebraska Department of Education provides statewide curriculum support, technical assistance, and professional development for entrepreneurship educators and entrepreneurship advocates. See the link "Instructor Resources" for lots of lessons and materials.
6-12 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis CURRICULUM: Resources to help your elementary, middle-school and high-school students learn more about money and banking, economics, personal finance, history, the Federal Reserve, and economics and geography.
6-12 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Personal Finance 101 CURRICULUM: Personal Finance 101 provides quick answers to frustrating personal finance questions that pop up now and again.
EconEdLink--National Council GENERAL: Numerous lessons and teaching materials keyed to National Economics Standards
Federal Reserve Education Web GENERAL: Comprehensive portal to the Fed's extensive economic education resources.
6-12 Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurship Education (CELCEE) GENERAL: An ERIC adjunct, CELCEE database contains abstracts of materials on entrepreneurship education at all levels. Also included is a directory of upcoming events and educational software tools.
6-12 The Idea Channel GENERAL: The Idea Channel's mission is to provide access to the ideas of the world's leading thinkers. The Idea Channel programs generally consist of two individuals who "simply" engage in an intellectual discussion. The web site has lots of wonderful clips, some of which can be downloaded, and an order page for on-line ordering.
6-12 New York Fed 101 GENERAL: The Federal Reserve’s Asset Purchases is a website that explains recent actions from the Fed along with commonly asked questions.
6-12 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis YouTube channel GENERAL: This video discusses monetary policy with an emphasis on recent large-scale asset purchases. This video discusses monetary policy with an emphasis on recent large-scale asset purchases.
6-12 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Podcast GENERAL: The Economic Lowdown is a podcast series produced for high school students. The series covers topics in economics, personal finance, banking and monetary policy.
6-12 Kids Search GENERAL: Kids Tools for Searching the Internet. Several search engines that search for words in sites that have been reviewed as OK for kids.
Test your Economics IQ GENERAL: DeVon Yoho's neat "Test Your Economic IQ" page (Ball State University)
6-12 Cleveland Fed Your credit score GENERAL: What does your credit score really tell you? Think you know what you’re looking at when you see your credit score? Maybe not, says Cleveland Fed researcher Yuliya Demyanyk. Your score isn’t a rating of your credit worthiness; it’s a ranking of our credit worthiness compared to everyone else in the county at a specific point in time.
6-12 Econoclass: Resources for high school economics teachers GENERAL: Includes lesson plans, games, simulations, case studies, debate topics, brain teasers, and other active learning activities.
6-12 The Idea Channel GENERAL: The Idea Channel's mission is to provide access to the ideas of the world's leading thinkers. The Idea Channel programs generally consist of two individuals who "simply" engage in an intellectual discussion. The web site has lots of wonderful clips, some of which can be downloaded, and an order page for on-line ordering.
6-12 Ask the Professor GENERAL: Professors who have done research in Economic History are volunteering to assist others interested in learning more about the field. If you have a question about economic history that you have been unable to answer through sources such as encyclopedias or other standard references, they will try to answer your question or to direct you to a useful source of information.
6-12 THOMAS: Library of Congress Legislative Information on the Internet GENERAL: The Library of Congress Web site provides the full text of legislation for House and Senate bills searchable by keywords or bill number, the full text of the Congressional Record, daily accounts of proceedings on House and Senate floors, and the text of How Our Laws Are Made by Edward F. Willett, Jr., House Law Revision Counsel. More generally, the Library of Congress Web pages also provide historical collections and descriptions of some of the Library’s special collections, and several exhibits. Also very useful is LOCIS, the Library of Congress Information System, which is searchable by keywords.
6-12 Tutor 2000 GENERAL: Offers teachers and tutors the opportunity to post their resume for free on the Internet. Then, students browse the available tutors on this site and read about their educational and work background. If a student feels that a tutor on this database would be able to help them in any specific subject they can e-mail or phone the tutor to talk about potential tutoring arrangements.
6-12 The Columbia Guide to Online Style GENERAL: MLA Style Guide from Columbia University
6-12 "Classroom Connect" GENERAL: Information on How to Cite Internet Sources. If your students are using Internet sources of information in their work, they (and you) need to learn how to properly cite this material in their bibliographies.
6-12 Education World GENERAL: Education search engine sponsored by B.E.S.T. education search engine.
6-12 Dallas Fed Everyday Economics GENERAL: Everyday Economics: Globalization discusses the increasing integration of the world’s economies through the flow of goods, money and people across national borders. Includes a discussion of foreign currency exchange and a timeline of innovations that furthered globalization.
6-12 Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition GENERAL: The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition is designed to help teachers improve the economic and business literacy of secondary-school students. The Classroom Edition provides curriculum materials in a variety of disciplines, including economics, business, social studies, government, marketing, management, vocational education, family and life sciences, consumer education and careers. Includes information for students, teacher guides, and videos.
6-12 Kansas City Fed Nebraska Economist GENERAL: The Nebraska Economist is a quarterly publication that provides economic information and insights on the state’s economy.
6-12 Cleveland Fed Beige Book GENERAL: Beige Book in the Classroom is study questions to accompany Beige Book – a report on the nation’s current economic conditions that is published eight times a year by the Federal Reserve.
6-12 EcoSim: Description of an Economics Simulation Program (and how to get it). GENERAL: Economic simulation
6-12 PBS | Newshour Economics Lessons homepage CURRICULUM: Paul Solman videos and associated lessons. Also see EconEdReviews at for links to discussion questions for Solman economics videos.
6-12 Homework Central GENERAL: lots of information about teaching economics (and also lots of ads).
The Relevance of Adam Smith, Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond (.pdf, 105KB) GENERAL: A brief discussion of the contributions of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations.
6-12 Philadelphia Fed History of Central Banking GENERAL: The Second Bank of the United States outlines the origins and operations of the second Bank of the United States the nation’s second attempt at central banking.
6-12 Demographic Profiles of US States, Cities, Towns GENERAL: Demographic Profiles of Cities and States are available for states, metro areas, counties, and cities.
6-12 Business Education Association (EBEA) from UK GENERAL: EBEA represents teachers of economics, business, and related subjects in schools and colleges in the UK. The Web page seeks to enhance the mission of providing professional support in the classroom, and developing economics and business education within a broadly based curriculum.
6-12 Forex Education GENERAL: Get to know the ins and outs of the foreign currency exchange market. Find out what different tools and charts are used by professional forex traders. Learn how to create a strategy and the basic principles of money management.
6-12 Smithsonian Institute for Teachers GENERAL: Smithsonian Institute resources for teachers
6-12 GENERAL: Find a topic, compare your options, make a decision. The website organizes data from government organizations in order to make it more easily accessible to students.
6-12 Classic Economic Models-Interactive GENERAL: Go through animated and interactive examples of major economic models. Requires download program for your browser.
6-12 Whitehouse Online GENERAL: The White House Web site provides text of releases on economic policy, environmental policy, foreign affairs, jobs, healthcare, science and technology, and other current news items. The speeches of the president, proposed budget for 1996 are also on this site.
6-12 Great Economists and Their Times GENERAL: Introduction to economics through the great economists of history and their historical settings, from Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
6-12 World Lecture Hall, by subject, from UT-Austin GENERAL: The World Lecture Hall (WLH) contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For example, you will find course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class calendars, multimedia textbooks, etc.
6-12 Gateway to Educational Resources GENERAL: Access to high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet (not only economics)
6-12 Search Engine for Kids GENERAL: Indexes websites that are safe and useful for kids
Take the Great National (Nebraska) Economics Quiz GENERAL: A short (15 question) quiz taken from a national poll to test the national knowledge of economics. Test your own knowledge and compare your score to the national averages.
6-12 ESU3 (Educational Service Unit #3) Home Page GENERAL: Resources for education from an education service unit in NE.
6-12 Mortgage Calculator GENERAL: Use this online mortgage loan calculator to look at a variety of loan scenarios. Use the mortgage loan calculator slider controls to change/calculate your monthly payment, loan amount, interest rate and term.
6-12 CIA World Fact Book GENERAL: The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.
6-12 Ask Dr. Econ GENERAL: Ask a question to an economist online, offered by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
6-12 Economics statistics briefing room DATA: Great source for quick up-to-date information. Grab the latest numbers before class!
6-12 Free Data from DATA: Browse FreeLunch: The Web's Largest Data Library
6-12 Office of Management and Budget DATA: OMB's predominant mission is to assist the President in overseeing the preparation of the federal budget and to supervise its administration in Executive Branch agencies.
6-12 Global Financial Data DATA: Extensive, long-term historical indices on stock markets, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rates. Database provides historical data on over 50 countries and goes back to the 1690s. Exchange rates of all national currencies are presented in terms of the U.S. dollar. You can also change the basis from the U.S. dollar to another currency of your choice.
6-12 Department of Education SOCIAL STUDIES: Social Studies on AskEric. Learn about the programs, people, publications, and funding opportunities from the Department of Education.
6-12 AskEric Lesson Plans SOCIAL STUDIES: You will find lesson plans for social studies topics here. Use the search to help, for example "economics" and "lessons".
6-12 Social Science Gateway and Economics SOCIAL STUDIES: Social Science Gateway
6-12 A Field Trip for Social Sciences SOCIAL STUDIES: Every Tramline Tour takes you to a series of preselected Web pages that are related by topic. A separate window is used to describe what you're seeing or tell you what to do next. Several for business students, but many other tours also.
6-12 Einet Galaxy Social Sciences Educational Web SOCIAL STUDIES: Einet is a huge source for information on education, with topics such as curriculum and instruction, adult education, higher education, K12, history and philosophy, and much more.
6-12 KidsWeb SOCIAL STUDIES: A World Wide Web digital library for school kids from all over the world. Site includes links for kids by subject categories: Arts, Social Sciences, etc.
6-12 ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education SOCIAL STUDIES: The ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education (ERIC/ChESS) is one of the 16 subject specialty clearinghouses in the ERIC system. ERIC/ChESS monitors issues about the teaching and learning of history, geography, civics, economics, and other subjects in the social studies/social sciences.
6-12 Yahoo Social Sciences and Economics Sections SOCIAL STUDIES: Index and search engine for Economics pages of Yahoo.
6-12 National Council for the Social Studies-NCSS Online SOCIAL STUDIES: NCSS Online features information and news for social studies educators in the United States and internationally.
6-12 Social Science Resources HomePage SOCIAL STUDIES: Social science resources and organizations in Nebraska and elsewhere from NE Department of Education.
6-12 The AskERIC Virtual Library SOCIAL STUDIES: The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a national information system, supported by the U.S. Department of Education, with large quantities of information on a host of educational issues and topics.
6-12 Video Conferencing and collaborative projects MONEY: This collection is the product of a collaborative teacher sharing project. A few of them are economics. Teachers who have been integrating video conferencing into the curriculum have contributed their ideas and suggestions.
6-12 Central Banking Resource Center MONEY: The Internet's most complete directory of central bank sites from all over the world. For bankers, economists, academics, policymakers, regulators, financial journalists, consultants and others. In addition to central bank home pages, includes links to information about central banks.
Virtual Economics Library #2 (.pdf, 3.62MG) MONEY: The Key to the Gold Vault: The Key to the Gold Vault is all about the past and present role of gold, including inflows and outflows, and characteristics and functions of money. It is from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Ends with famous quotes about gold. Grade Levels 9-12.
(Key to the Gold Vault in smaller files:)
Gold, Part 1 (.pdf,~1.47MG) / Gold, Part 2 (.pdf,~1.41MG) / Gold, Part 3 (.pdf,~749KB)
6-12 Equilibria Chat MONEY: Richmond Federal Reserve site "Equilibria Chat" where economics teachers can ask questions, give answers, share ideas, spread news, and turn for help.
6-12 American Currency Exhibit MONEY: Money hasn't always looked like it does today. Explore the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's American Currency Exhibit online and watch history come alive as you step back in time to our nation's beginning. Learn how our country's rich history is closely tied with our currency. Discover the role the Federal Reserve has played--and continues to play--in that history.
The International Money Museum from University of Missouri-Kansas City MONEY: The International Money Museum is an interdisciplinary teaching unit designed to stimulate students’ interest in exploring and understanding our global economy. Examining international coins and currencies sparks students’ interest in the countries of the world. Student outcomes and sample activities are also described.
6-12 History of Money Museum MONEY: A virtual museum about money in civilization, from antiquity to the present. Very well done clever format.
Virtual Economics Library #1 (.pdf, 720KB) MONEY: The Basics of Interest Rates, supply and demand for funds, Federal Reserve and Financial Markets. Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Grade Levels 9-12.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco MONEY: Look for economic education links.
Federal Reserve Bank "Woodrow," Minneapolis MONEY: All kinds of good ideas and curriculum materials for teaching economics!
6-12 More Stock Market Game Page FINANCE: This document describes other SMG and stock information links, useful if you are in the Stock Market Game or the Stock Market Reality!
6-12 Chicago Mercantile Exchange. FINANCE: The CME is the first futures and options exchange on the World Wide Web. Here you can find daily settlement prices of all CME futures and options, marketing page with product information, educational programs, and more.
6-12 Stock Quotes (15 minute delay) FINANCE: Quoteserver provides free quotes (just type in the ticker symbol of the stock you are interested in). Also found here are investment tools and the current NASDAQ Composite Index data.
6-12 Links to Educational Resources in Finance FINANCE: This page references online finance courses, multimedia & software, downloadable slides, textbooks, bookstores, articles, simulators & games and information on publishers. From Ohio State University
6-12 E*Trade FINANCE: A leading online investment company. Also a good source for stock quotes, charts, and other stock market information. Although E*Trade is NOT a game, it also has a game with "play money" designed to show off their online investing.
6-12 Investor Protection Trust FINANCE: Dedicated to non-commercial investor education. Many "how to" pages, section for young people, and a quiz on your IQ (Investment Quotient), ending with national survey results and discussion.
6-12 The National SMS Web FINANCE: The National Stock Market Simulation (SMS from StockTrak) is a tool that teachers can use to help instruct their students in the world of economics,finance, current events, math,social studies, and technology. K-12 students use this in class under the auspices of their teacher for guided learning. The National Stock Market Simulation (SMS from StockTrak) is a tool that teachers can use to help instruct their students in the world of economics,finance, current events, math,social studies, and technology. K-12 students use this in class under the auspices of their teacher for guided learning.
6-12 LookSmart FINANCE: Looksmart has lots of information about business and finance, education, and much more.
6-12 The SMG2000 Web FINANCE: This is The Stock Market Game™ (SMG), the original stock market educational program that stimulates learning about economics, finance, and the American economic system. K-12 students use this in class under the auspices of their teacher for guided learning about economics.
6-12 Yahoo Finance and Investment FINANCE: Yahoo Finance and Investment References and Guides.
6-12 Financial Literacy FINANCE: Tackling the financial illiteracy in our schools by providing teachers with the tools, training and support they need to do something about this major national problem. The core product of FL2001 is the "Basics of Saving and Investing", a multi-module teaching guide that is available both in print and online.
6-12 Consumer Education for Teens FINANCE: This site is a special project for the Washington State Attorney General's Office. All of the information in this site was developed by teens, for teens. It is intended to help teenagers (a group commonly targeted by businesses and scam artists) become educated consumers, as well as giving them somewhere to turn if they have questions or get ripped off.
6-12 Investors' Guide: Personal Finance FINANCE: Information on loans, credit, morgages, car buying, retirement, etc, and links to discussion groups on various related topics.
6-12 Personal Finance Library FINANCE: Lots of information about things like IRAs, retirement planning, buying a car on the Internet, tips on helping kids save, etc.
6-12 National Financial Services Personal Finance FINANCE: National Financial Services Network Personal Finance has information about loans (home, car, education), consumer credit, insurance, securities, savings accounts, electronic banking, and personal Finance Software. Also searches for best rates by state.
6-12 Teen Price Index FINANCE: Teen Price Index is intended as a resource for teachers to educate students about price indices and encourage schools to reach out and learn across the internet. Developed with Economics America, Cleveland Center through a grant from O.C.E.E. and Ameritech
6-12 US Securities and Exchange FINANCE: What Every Investor Should Know (from the US Securites and Exchange Commission).
6-12 Basics of Investing FINANCE: A guide for educators from Nasdaq and NICE: financial decisions, how markets work, investment choices, etc. Also includes lessons for educators to use.
6-12 Kiplinger Online FINANCE: Kiplinger Online calculators for financial decisions. Take a look at the page for college financing, too!.
6-12 Invest Smart FINANCE: This page demonstrates the rewards of saving and investing in stocks. It has a section for educators with instructions on how to select stocks and how to set up a simulation stock market game for students using actual stock values. It has a real-life example to show you how to build a stock portfolio full of 2-, 4-, and 8-baggers.
6-12 Consumer Utilities Handbook FINANCE: While the handbook is geared toward electric, water, telephone, and gas utility customers, it contains practical home economics information useful to consumers. Topics include avoiding telephone scams such as slamming and cramming, reducing junk mail, deciphering utility bills, reading gas/electric/water meters, energy/water conservation, and more. Also offers a glossary of terms.
6-12 The Finance Center FINANCE: Features a fine collection of loan resources and provides calculation programs (eg "what will it take for you to become a millionaire?"), daily rate quotes, and advisory reports. Includes areas for car, home, and credit cards and answers lots of standard questions.
6-12 Keyed to 6-8 math standards FINANCE: Using Personal Finance lessons (NCEE materials) to teach mathematics:
6-12 Investment Glossary FINANCE: Large and very comprehensive glossary of investor words.
6-12 Investopedia FINANCE: Investopedia is your complete, unbiased and easy to understand educational guide to investing and personal finance. The site includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the web as well as hundreds of tutorials and articles for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, investment strategies, IPOs, retirement plans, and much more.
6-12 National Institute for Consumer Education FINANCE: The National Institute for Consumer Education, from the College of Education at Eastern Michigan University, is a professional development center and resource clearinghouse in consumer, economic and personal finance education. The mission of NICE is to empower people through education to become informed consumers, reasoned decision makers and participating citizens in a global marketplace. This site has some very nice lessons on consumer issues, such as college financial aid, student budgets, saving for college education, etc.
6-12 Investment Challenge Stock Market Simulation FINANCE: Investment Challenge is a realistic stock market simulation dedicated to enhancing investment education at the National level through interactive online simulation.
6-12 Crews Stock Market Simulation Game FINANCE: Eighth grade students are asked to create an imaginary company and use several different software programs to complete realistic and challenging projects associated with their company. A complete course from Crews Middle School by Rod Hames.
6-12 Standard and Poor FINANCE: S & P Personal Wealth Web Site
6-12 It All Adds Up FINANCE: A very clever multimedia site teaching Personal Finance issues: credit card, buying a car, and more.
6-12 Investment Direct FINANCE: A guide to investment and financial resources on the web.
6-12 Edustock FINANCE: Designed to teach young and old alike, what
6-12 Federal Budget Simulator and Lesson MACRO: Students can change the Federal Budget items and track changes.
6-12 Concord Coalition on National Debt MACRO: The Concord Coalition is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to eliminating federal budget deficits and ensuring Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are secure for all generations. Has lots of information on the budget and debt.
6-12 On-line National Federal Budget Simulator--try your hand at balancing the budget MACRO: This is a creative and interactive page presented by UC-Berkeley's Center for Community Economic Research (CCER). A new on-line National Federal Budget Simulator lets anyone on the World Wide Web attempt to balance the budget. Your choices and the actual budget can be shown graphically also.
6-12 Federal Budget Java Site by Kowal Design MACRO: Contains a simple, neat, point-and-click presentation
6-12 Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) in the UK: MACRO: IFS Virtual Economy At the heart of the UK Virtual Economy are sophisticated computer models which are very similar to those the Chancellor and his advisors use to prepare the Budget and to keep the economy on track.
6-12 EconoFinance Currency Converter INTERNATIONAL: The exchange rates of currencies are presented in terms of the currency you choose.
6-12 City.Net: International Guide to Communities around the World INTERNATIONAL: City.Net is a comprehensive international guide to communities around the world. City.Net provides timely access to information on travel, entertainment, and local business, plus government and community services for all regions of the world. A great source for information about other countries and cities.
6-12 Bloomberg Currency Converter INTERNATIONAL: The exchange rates of currencies are presented in terms of the currency you choose.
6-12 The Universal Currency Converter INTERNATIONAL: The exchange rates of currencies are presented in terms of the currency you choose.
6-12 Currency Converter INTERNATIONAL: The exchange rates of currencies are presented in terms of the currency you choose.
6-12 The World Game of Economics INTERNATIONAL: Ronald W. Schuelke's educational economics software for students and educators which simulates the economic performance and policies of countries in the global economy. The object of the game is to be the best at selecting economic policies to maintain full employment, low inflation, and economic growth without excessive pollution (modestly priced).
6-12 FreedomHouse: World Survey of Economic Freedom CIVICS: As part of its efforts to expand individual liberty around the world, Freedom House regularly surveys the worldwide state of political rights and civil liberties, a report on the global state of democracy.
6-12 Great Economists and Their Times HISTORY: Major Schools of Economic Theory.
6-12 History and Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers HISTORY: Sections with links for history, economics, geography, etc.
6-12 Open Directory of Economic History HISTORY: Large index of links to social studies materials focusing on economic history content.
6-12 The Basics of Business History HISTORY: Top 100 Events at a Glance. TSC's list of the top 100 U.S. business events, presented from most important to least.
6-12 History of Economic Thought HISTORY: McMasters University archives of the History of Economic Thought. Provides information by name of historical economist.
6-12 History Website Learnin' and Teachin' link HISTORY: Harris' history teaching page.
Great Economists and Their Times (.pdf, 31.1KB) HISTORY: A brief description of economics schools of thought, and a decade by decade list of highlight events.
6-12 Outline of the American Economy HISTORY: From Revolution to Reconstruction -and what happened afterwards. An outline.
6-12 Foundation for Teaching Economics HISTORY: Economic Forces in American History programs are designed to show U.S. History teachers how to interpret and provide instruction on important historical events from the vantage point of market forces and economic analysis. Economic Forces in American History presents a refreshing perspective on our nation's past; teachers who attend these programs return to their classrooms able to teach their students about the power of economic forces in shaping American history.
6-12 Small Business Entrepreneurs ENTREPRENEUR: The purpose of this web site is to provide would-be and start-up entrepreneurs with some handy tools and resources to make the task of planning and starting a small business easier. This site has also been designed for the purpose of promoting small business information and planning electronic guidebooks.
6-12 Little Entrepreneurs: Business For Kids ENTREPRENEUR: Teaching children about business at a young age is important for the future of business as a whole. When kids are taught the specific lessons of money management and organizational skills, they can not only apply their skills towards building a business for themselves, but they can also apply the skills they have learned to their personal lives. Has lesson plans, money management lesson plans, and business games.
6-12 Youth Enterprise Society (YES) ENTREPRENEUR: A school based, club movement that develops the entrepreneurial abilities of grades 9, 10 and 11 youth through a community based and action learning approach. Developed by EWET, South African non-profit.
6-12 Free World Academy Entrepreneur Site ENTREPRENEUR: Free entrepreneurship program enables you to create your business in one year.
6-12 American Enterprise Center ENTREPRENEUR: American Enterprise Center has just produced a teacher's kit entitled Free Enterprise Games. A video-based teacher's kit that teaches the American free enterprise system using games and team competition. ($195 for kit)
6-12 Environment Resources Management Association. ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 EnviroLink ENVIRONMENT: The largest online environmental information resource on the planet.
6-12 EARTH SUMMIT+5. ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 Natural Resources Management and Policy. ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 Environmental Economics Unit ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 Environment Australia. ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 EarthIsland ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 Larry Schankman's Environment and Ecology ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 Syllabi and Readings in Ecological Economics ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 United Nations Environment Programme. ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 WWW Virtual Library -Environment ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 Environment/Fish and Wildlife Group. ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-12 Webdirectory, "Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine" ENVIRONMENT: Website about the environment.
6-9 Business and Computer Science Materials for Middle School TECHNOLOGY: A business and computer science site that lists assignments, lesson plans, handouts, notes, web resources, and over 200 student generated web projects on the web. Rod Hames, Crews Middle School.
6-12 Web66: Learn to Create a Web Page, and much more TECHNOLOGY: Web66, a name meant to conjure up Route 66 and its role as an artery linking the nation, is full of information for K12 schools, "a highway fashioned from vision and ingenuity." The goals of this project are to help K12 educators learn how to set up their Internet servers, to link Web servers and educators and students, and to help K12 educators find and use appropriate Web resources. As a wonderful bonus, Web66 has the oldest and most comprehensive list of K12 Web servers on the Internet. See what others are doing!
6-12 National Council on Educational Technology, United Kingdom TECHNOLOGY: NCET is a charity funded by the Department of Education in the United Kingdom whose mission is help teachers, lecturers. trainers and learners take advantage of technology. If you want to know more about using technology in education, the NCET pages could provide useful information about what has been done and what works.
6-12 UK Technology Education Centre TECHNOLOGY: Interesting information, articles, and support for technology education. Focus is United Kingdom schools.
6-12 The Kentucky State Budget Game RESEARCH: The Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center State Budget Game.
6-12 Journal of Economic Education Web RESEARCH: This is the home page of the leading journal focusing on economic education. Along with information about submission and subscription, tables of content are provided to assist you to find the topic of interest.
6-12 Research in Economic Education Database RESEARCH: Searchable database for researchers in economic education maintained by William Walstad at the National Center for Research in Economic Education at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
6-12 Review of Economics Software RESEARCH: The Research in Economic Education Database (REED) includes software reviews.

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