Some Information about Pricing Levis

The following material is from Street Cents, used with permission.

"I want to know why Levis jeans at Mark's Work Warehouse are cheaper than at the actual Levis store. It seems to me it should be cheaper at the outlet store." -Kerry from Parkville, BC.

First, you need to be able to decode the mysterious Levi numbering system. The numbers designate the style of jeans. There are some crossover numbers for men and women but some styles are only made for one gender.

501 - button fly
512 - slim fit, tapered leg. Snug fitting with narrow ankles
550 - relaxed fit, tapered leg. Roomy fitting throughout
560 - loose fit, tapered leg
We found 4 pairs of men's Levis at both stores here in Halifax. We chose to use men's because there were more styles for men and our viewer who suggested this story idea is a boy.

Believe it or not, "The Levi's Store" is not owned by Levis Strauss Canada. Levis sells their product to all retailers at the same price. Levis company doesn't suggest a final price to charge to customers and do not control the retail price of their product in any way. Markup is a decision undertaken by the retailer.

Levi prices at The Levi's Store:

501 = $64
512 = $61
550 = $61
560 = $62
Black Levi's cost $78.99 - because the colour requires more processing. They never have sales on Levis jeans at The Levis Store.

Levi prices at Marks' Work Warehouse in Halifax:

All stonewashed (dark blue denim) Levi's for both men & women cost $49.99, for all the above styles. This is their regular price. Black Levi's cost $59.99 - again, because they require they require the most processing.

In Ottawa:

Levis 501 Blues retailed for $66 at The Levis Store. At Mark's Work Warehouse they cost the same as in Halifax, $49.99. Levis 501s in black retailed for $69 at The Levis Store -- but cost $59.99 at Mark's. Obviously, it pays to shop around when it comes to your beloved Levis!

Note: The preceding is information gathered from a past season. It may contain facts or conclusions that are now dated. It has been posted for archival purposes only.